Pollyanna and the Raw Recruit

Hey, Anna-Liza here. I may have mentioned my knitting group, The (Mostly) Harmless Knitters, a time or two. We meet on Wednesday nights.

We were at Ziggi’s last Wednesday, and only three of us had arrived – me, Knitting Sprite, and Curly Girl. We’re used to people walking by and giving us a second look or three, but there was this one guy who kept watching us whenever he walked by.

He was a biggish guy, not unusually tall but with broad shoulders and deep chest, grayish-blondish hair in kind of a grown-out buzz, embroidered bomber jacket, probably in his fifties and sort of weathered with it. Looked like he’d be pretty comfortable under a car or supervising a construction crew.

After a few walk-bys, he finally stopped and asked, “Are you knitting?” We all said yes and he got this intent, slightly anxious look on his face and said,

“Can you show me how to cast on?”

Turns out, he’s been trying to teach himself how to knit using online videos. These can be really helpful, but he wasn’t getting it from the videos alone. So Knitting Sprite produced a spare set of size 10 wooden needles and some bulky yarn from her bag and proceeded to teach him the long-tail method.

After he’d successfully cast on about 20 stitches, Knitting Sprite showed him the knit stitch. He really worked at this, very focused, and didn’t get phased at all by the rest of the group arriving at random times. He did ask if he should give up his seat when the table was getting full, but we insisted he stay if he wanted. We told him our meeting times and invited him to come back again.

The best part of all? When he said, “Hey! I’m really knitting!”


5 thoughts on “Pollyanna and the Raw Recruit

  1. The South African Knitting Buddy

    That was awesome! I missed some of the back story to it since I got there late.

  2. Anna-Liza Post author

    Morwynne, try doing it anyway – I missed a lot of your conversation and our audiences aren’t identical.


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