Pollyanna Reads Amok

Lyda here. Y’all know I read a lot. I read myself to sleep at night. I read myself awake many mornings. I read while I brush my teeth. I read in the bathtub. Hey, I’d happily read in the shower if I could figure out how to keep the book dry.

Gorgeous and Available Engineer Brother, get to work on that, will you? Here’s a thought:  shower magazines. Magazines coated so that you can read them in the shower. 

But maybe this way madness lies. After shower magazines would come shower knitting. And that could be dangerous if the soap slips…

But I digress…

So far this month, I’ve bought three books and two magazines for myself. And four books for the Sith Master.

This wouldn’t be so bad, but today is only the fourth of the month and I already finished both magazines and two of the books. Must find the local library so I can indulge my addiction for free.

One of the books – which I devoured in practically one sitting – was Crazy Aunt Purl’s second book, “Home is Where the Wine Is.” Funny and insightful, with enough wine, yarn, and cat hair for all. Y’all know you want it.

Another book I bought myself – because my BFF and fellow Pollyanna says I should treat myself better – and which I finished today, is “A Dirty Job” by Christopher Moore. I had not read this one before although it was first published in 2006. Yes, I have been living under a rock, why do you ask? My old library was lovely and had a fun and cheerful children’s section and a large collection of DVDs, but was not so big on actual books, and I don’t think they actually stocked any Christopher Moore.

This is a great book. Loud out loud funny one moment, and poignant the next, and deeply thought-provoking always. 

Charlie Asher, the Beta Male protagonist, baby Sophie, the hellhounds… Every character is quirky and weird and I fell in love with them all. 

If you are a Christopher Moore fan – and if you’ve read any of his books you must be a fan, how could you not love them? – you’ll be thrilled as I was to meet up with some favorite friends from Moore’s other books. If you haven’t read his books before, go right out and find one!

It’s hard to classify Moore’s books, and every library and bookstore seems to find a different place to put them: fantasy, science fiction, horror… It’s okay, any creatures of the night you may encounter in his books do not sparkle. Yes, sometimes Moore’s books get shelved in the horror section, possibly because his first book was the classic “Practical Demonkeeping“.

When I found this particular volume, it was shelved with the rest of Christopher Moore’s books – in the Literature section. Not far from Shakespeare and Poe. Appropriate, really.

I mention how to find the Moore’s books, because you need to know not to give up the search. Because you will buy copies for your friends. And then you will read your own copies until they fall apart, and you will need to buy them again.

Read this, and you too will be pestering your local bookseller with questions like

“Do you have The Lust Lizard of Melancholy Cove?


“Do you know where The Island of the Sequined Love Nun is?”

Good stuff, Maynerd.


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