Pollyanna Survives the Extermination

Lyda here.

Today was a cloudy day with bouts of gentle rain. I spent the whole day inside, mostly on the couch watching TV. I did do my laundry and put it away, but that is all I accomplished today.

I spent part of the day watching a series on BBC America called Survivors. Not a reality show. At least I hope not. It is science fiction, set in the modern day, about the survivors of a disease that has killed 99% of the population. The episodes are surprising, at turns touching and scary, but always engrossing, as the show explores what it means to be human, and what civilization really is. The actors are all excellent, enjoying playing well-written characters dealing with difficult and complex situations at every turn. 

A update of a classic 70’s show , which also was a book by Terry Nation. You have have heard of another show Terry Nation worked on, Doctor Who. He created the Daleks.

Executive productor Adrian Hodges co-created another of my favorite BBC shows, Primeval. A show with creatures from the past and future appearing through tears in time and causing no end of problems for a valiant and funny team of scientists – y’all know I love it. A mammoth crashing around on the freeway, raptors running loose in the mall, team members crossing into past and future terrain… Definitely worth watching on DVD.

And why am I up so late? Because I said I’d post every day in March, and I couldn’t drag myself away from the TV earlier…

Time for bed…


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