Pollyanna Appreciates the Masters

Lyda here. No time for a real post today. No, really. I’ve been working overtime all week and I must stick my head in the TV for a bit or I will go zonko. Perhaps I will watch “Dawn of the Dead” which I recorded the other day and am really looking forward to seeing (again). But if my roommate Disney Girl is home, we’ll probably watch “Emma” (I think it’s this version that Disney Girl recorded). Disney Girl is definitely not a zombie fan. No one is perfect.

In the meantime, I leave you with this to read. Awesome review, Mr. Svetkey. It isn’t every writer who can compare a kid’s picture book to Beckett and Albee.

Plus, the book is about an elephant and a pig.

Of course. What other animal would an elephant be friends with?

Also check out this review by the same writer.

Which mentions llamas. Fiber! And has other literary comparisons that will make you laugh.

Notice how I snuck up on you with the pig-licking this time?


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