Pollyanna once again survives the Ides of March

Lyda here. Well, we made it past the Ides again. Although today I’m not sure why I wanted to…

I hardly slept last night. Perhaps it was Caesar was whispering in my ear

– or the change in the weather to “unseasonably freakin’ hot with very high pollen countin case it’s changed when you read this, it was over 80 degrees today with a pollen forecast of “very high”

– or maybe I sprung forward too  energetically

– or maybe I had too much caffeine during the day to counteract the pain medication…

Or all of the above.

For whatever reason, I woke up every hour on the hour last night. But I did not feel the 4.4 earthquake. Check out this map of the recent earthquakes in California and Nevada: 740 earthquakes in the last week.

Did y’all see that LA movie by Steve Martin? Where they all keep ordering at the restaurant during the earthquake? If you haven’t, you should. Check out his blogging at the Academy Awards. Heh.

My favorite Steve Martin movie might be “Roxanne,” although I’m very very fond of “The Jerk” as well. And “The Man with Two Brains” is a classic. And then there’s…

Oh, heck, I love all his movies.

But how could I not love Steve after classics like this and this scene from “The Muppet Movie“?

But I digress…

And now to sleep.

… wanders off humming…

“… buried with a donkey…”


5 thoughts on “Pollyanna once again survives the Ides of March

  1. Anna-Liza

    And here, one week later it’s snowing again. Which should take care of the pollen count for just a bit.

  2. lyda Post author

    For you it does. Colorado really isn’t sure if it’s spring or winter or just what, is it?

    Unfortunately, here we have no snow to cover the pollen. It has cooled down, but the pollen count must still be high because my eyes are still swollen into slits. Not my best look.

  3. lyda Post author

    … Spring snow, winter snow, “the snows of your childhood which were so much better than your modern snow…” (quote from Terry Pratchett, can’t remember which book)

  4. lyda Post author

    Wait, wait, the quote is from Douglas Adams! From one of the first four Hitchhiker books. Sorry about that…


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