Pollyanna is not your mother, people

Lyda here. A bit annoyed at my co-workers. It was my turn to clean out the refrigerator. I sent three emails to the office over the last week and a half, asking people to label or take home their stuff or it would be thrown away.


And yet today, I more than filled the garbage can in the kitchen with the stuff I threw away.

As always when cleaning a fridge, the farther back I went, the scarier it got. Who knew my office mates were conducting weird experiments along the lines of the Magic School Bus’ “Rot Squad” episode?


Continuing my investigations, I found evidence of past civilizations in the freezer. Apparently, there was Lean Cuisine way back in two thousand and four.

I half expected to unearth someone who had innocently reached too far back to find their lunch, and got swallowed by the frost. And there I would be, straight in an episode of “Bones” which would not be bad except that someone would be dead – plus I’d have nightmares from the whole finding-the-icky-frozen-body thing.

Might be worth it to see Booth’s belt buckle for myself, if y’all know what I mean. But I digress…

No wonder no one wants to clean the Beast. Scary, kids!

But then, I’m the woman who cleaned her fridge once a week, before I went to the grocery store. Back when I had a fridge, that is. You call it obsession; I call it stopping weird science in its tracks.

Plus, the dead bodies are much fresher.


2 thoughts on “Pollyanna is not your mother, people

  1. Anna-Liza

    So when you say it was “your turn”, how often, exactly, do these turns come up? Every six years or so?

  2. lyda Post author

    It’s supposed to be cleaned every two weeks.

    Obviously, my coworkers are using a different calendar than I am…


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