Pollyanna of the Rockies Is Still Knitting

Anna-Liza here (still! really!) Lyda’s been so prolific, I’ve just been sitting back and letting her run. But it’s time I just waved and said “hey!”

We had our last winter storm on the last day of winter, and today brought the first spring storm – we are expecting around 10″ of heavy wet snow here by tomorrow evening.

I’ve been slowly getting my craft room closet area space organized, but not ready to post much about it yet. I have also been cleaning up a bit along the way, turning a few UFOs into FOs. I finished a couple of random washcloths and a scarf, and I’m finishing up a pair of socks. I can’t find my original photo, but here’s the Ravelry link for the scarf – the “Mountains at Sunset Scarf”.

I took two skeins of Nashua Handknits’ “Zinnia” and just did a random, zig-zag intarsia pattern. About 3/4 of the way into it, I made a slit between the colors to pull the other end of the scarf through. “Et voilà!” as Miss Piggy would say.

Except it’s hard to voilà something you can’t actually see … okay, I’ll take another picture or two and post them. Later.

Nonetheless, still a knitblog.


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