Pollyanna Says, Can We Talk?

Lyda here.

I really need to chose a cell phone plan and be done with it. One with a low set fee for unlimited calls, and hopefully a free cell phone thrown in. I’ve heard of plans for $40 a month, which would be good. I sure don’t want to spend much more than that.

I need to be able to call Anna-Liza, Gorgeous-And-Available Engineer Brother, the Sith Master, and the Irish Beauty regularly – so that’s Colorado, Ohio, and California. Oh, plus the family types in Seattle and Texas once in a while.

I need to be able to talk for a long time at a stretch without going over some arbitrary monthly limit. The Pollyannas can easily spend two hours on the phone talking to each other, y’all, and that is without any particular problem or project to work on together.

I don’t need to text or Twitter or any of that stuff. In other words, I don’t know how and am afraid that I’ll mess it up. I don’t need a phone with games or anything. Although if it came with all of that, I’m sure I’d use it.

The only time I had a cell phone, it came with the job, so I didn’t  have to make any decisions. Otherwise, I’ve always just had a house phone. Since January, I haven’t had a phone at all.

I currently use my roommate’s house phone – unlike me, they do not live in the Stone Age and they both mostly use their cell phones – which works for talking to the Sith Master and renewing prescriptions and such. But they are talking about taking out the land line (see: they both have cell phones). Plus I can’t call anyone long distance because they don’t have long distance service on the land line.

And besides…

How’s a wild woman supposed to have a wild life without a phone number to give to potential beaus?

Not that this has come up yet, but a lady should be prepared.

I’ve been putting this off for long enough.





5 thoughts on “Pollyanna Says, Can We Talk?

  1. Marin

    I’d also suggest billshrink.com – you can tell it what’s important to you and it will give you a comparison of various plans and phones.


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