Pollyanna Has a Condition

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Anna-Liza here. Plan to go get some inspiration today … no, not yarn shopping. I’m knitting stash for some time to come. But pattern shopping … anyone have any good ideas for a cardigan or shrug knit from 1200 yards of Textiles a Mano Waimea?


2 thoughts on “Pollyanna Has a Condition

  1. Marin

    As I am only just knitting my first grown-up cardi (the Basic Black), I’m not sure I’m the person to weigh in. But I do like the Basic Black and I think it would look smashing in that tweedy yarn.

    Plus? I don’t think it takes as much yarn as it says it does. My bust size says about 1700 yards and I used less than 500 for the whole back, with making it several inches longer than the recipe calls for, so I’ll probably come in less than 1500 yards and I’m noticably bigger than you.

    I said a lot for someone who purported not to have a viable opinion.

  2. Anna-Liza Post author

    That’s one good-looking cardi. I’ll have to swatch a little – if the Waimea doesn’t look like it will work, I have another variegated yarn that might be good. I’m also considering February Lady, but not sure how the lace will come out with the textured yarn. More swatching is definitely in my future!
    (And that cardi is going to look *fantastic* on you!)


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