Pollyanna and the Flavor of Water

Hey, Anna-Liza here.

I just don’t like water much. Unless I’m dangerously dehydrated quite thirsty, it just doesn’t taste good or feel good in my mouth. (Big news flash – Anna-Liza is weird).

I have known for a long time that I don’t drink enough water, but just making myself do it has been a pretty spectacular failure. I drink tea like a demented British dowager, and I prefer skim milk with meals. I love coffee, but have it less often than tea. I can’t resist an occasional cola in the heat of summer, but I don’t drink it other times. But water? Only if there’s nothing else available, and sometimes not even then.

But I think I may have come up with a way to get myself drinking enough – infused water. I’m just too cheap It offends my frugal soul to pay for bottled water, even flavored bottled water. And I am suspicious about what’s used for flavoring or for preserving “natural” flavors. So I’m infusing my water at home.

Here’s the basic idea – slice or grate or otherwise expose a lot of surface area on whatever plant matter you’re using to flavor your water. Put it in a large (2 liter) pitcher, fill with water, refrigerate overnight. Next day, drink the whole thing over the course of the day.

Here are the things I’ve tried:

  • 1/2 cucumber, peeled and sliced thin
  • 1 small lemon, sliced thin but not peeled
  • freshly grated ginger (still experimenting with quantity, but at least a tablespoon)
  • a mixture of two or three of the above – I’m especially fond of lemon and cucumber

Here are some things I plan to try:

  • 1 small orange, sliced but not peeled
  • a cinnamon stick and thinly sliced apple
  • slightly crushed mint leaves
  • pieces of honeydew melon
  • whatever else happens to occur to me

Okay, it’s not summer tea, but it’s pretty yummy, hydrating, and caffeine-free! Which may or may not be a good thing, depending on the day.


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