Pollyanna Ends a Strange(r) Month

Lyda here. This March, I tried NaBloPoMo (National Blog Posting Month).

I made a commitment to post every day in March.

And I did.

I overcame laziness, long work hours, fatigue, sleepiness, insomnia, and the lure of television. At least enough to post every day.

Now that I’ve completed an entire month, I feel like I can put the badge on our blog.

The theme for March was STRANGE(R). Which of course I could not resist.

The theme for April is BIG.

Will I do it again in April?

It did make me post more. Which meant that I wrote more.

Was it good writing? Were they good posts? I don’t know. Sometimes I just posted something, anything.

Was it good for me? There were times when I goofed off until late at night, and barely posted before midnight – which impacted my sleep habits. But overall, I think it’s been a good experience.

What do y’all think? Should I do it again?


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