Pollyanna – Fiber on the Brain, Boobs on Her Mind

Lyda here.

My partner-in-Pollyanna sent me a link to this FIBER ON THE BRAIN – LITERALLY. Pretty cool use of fiber, I think y’all will agree.

And yet why do I feel like it could be the beginning of one of those sci-fi movies where the scientists are the first ones who are killed by the monster they made themselves?

That’s just me, isn’t it? Okay, never mind…

I stole the brain fiber thing (with Anna-Liza’s permission) because I figured it was about damn time I did a post again.

What have I been up to lately? Mostly no good. Unfortunately, not in any of the fun ways.

I did go have a physical, and a mammogram. Wouldn’t a mammogram make a great Mother’s Day present? Doesn’t it say “I want you healthy and around for a long time”? Maybe mammograms can become the spa of the decade. Gather all your friends, go have a mammogram together. You can go out for drinks and pedicures after. Yes, dammit, I want a margarita with my pedicure. Is that so wrong?

Mine took about 15 minutes, and the technician was a hoot. Yes, a hoot. And yes, they do take extra pictures of my bountifulness, and yes, I do have bruises but not painful ones. I want to make a Bounty joke here, but can’t think of one. Please insert your own.

And the physical confirmed my suspicion that I have arthritis in my right knee.

Oh, boobs and arthritis in the same post. Why aren’t the men lining up?

Maybe it’s my addiction to weirdness. And the amount of fiber on my brain.

I’d better be careful. The Fiber Brain Zombies are going to come looking for me…


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