Pollyanna and the Return of Random Weirdness Wednesdays

Lyda here. I admit it. I miss the Random Weirdness posts. So I’m reinstating them today.

Return of the Random Weirdness

Scary, kids!

1.) How animals spend a typical day

2.) My weird thought:  If your list of things to do before you die is a Bucket List, what do you call your list for the weekend? Two Pieces and a Biscuit?

This is how my brain works. No wonder I have a zombie army.

3.) Read this about office weirdness  “Sorry… what?

4.) Now go read Marin’s post on Barbie kitsch. We won’t tell.

5.) Weird and eco-cool : paper egg-carton furniture

6.) Hanging lights made from plastic yarn spools did someone say yarn? Also, Bonbons Chandeliers – new use for leftover yarn. What do they mean, leftover yarn???

7.) And a cool rug based on the view from an airplane of the land below – and made using scraps. A great inspiration for a quilt or… dare I say?… a knitting project.

Still a knitting/quilting blog.

8.) Cute but kinda sad weird: polar bear sugar cubes melt in your coffee to remind you of the melting polar ice.

9.) And for the twelve in all of us – I give you:  the Teat stool.

10.) inhabitat.com featured this sofa that’s not for couch potatoes. A sofa you are supposed to beat up – weird.

And there, in no particular order, is the Random Weirdness for this week.



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