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Pollyanna is moving on

Lyda here.  I found a new home! I will be moving in on Saturday.

I’m renting a SMALL room in an older home. But it has a good-sized window that looks out on the 4-foot square lawn and the tree. I’ll be sharing a bathroom with two other tenants – wish me luck. But I can use the kitchen and living room too.

The best parts are:

  • It’s close to where my son the Sith Master lives, so I will probably see him more often.  Happy dance!
  • It’s only two miles from work, which will save me a lot of money on gasoline, and about an hour a day in drive time.  Time which will be put to use on blogging and getting some use out of my sewing machine  doing homework, yeah.
  • The rent is very cheap for the area.
  • I will have cable in my room for my television viewing pleasure.

And now, I really need to go pack. Not like I left it to the last minute or anything. Oh hush.

And figure out where I am going to stash all my fabric in this tiny room. The Sith Master actually said that I might have to let go of some of the fabric. I thought I’d raised him better than that!

Ain’t student life grand?!

Pollyanna: Have Fabric, Will Travel

Lyda here. Just a quick post to explain why I haven’t posted. (If that makes any sense…)

I’m getting down to the wire on my moving day, and I don’t actually have a place to move into yet. Sing along y’all: “Procrastination… Procrastinaaaa-tion… is making me wait… “

I have some leads, but I haven’t committed myself to any of them yet. Need to do that. Also need to pack, but that’s a whole ‘nother Oprah…

I’ve been considering posting this on Craig’s List:

Crazy woman looking for amazing accomodations for almost no money so I can spend almost half my salary on tuition for a year. Terrible credit, serious and possibly contagious addictions to TV and books, growing yarn obsession. Need large closet to house huge fabric collection. Sporadic bursts of quilting and spontaneous pig-licking  may occur, but seldom dangerous to bystanders. Prefer accomodations with basement or shed for housing Zombie Army.  Promise they will keep moaning to minimum during day; at night they are out roaming streets so no worries there, plus they will eliminate any neighborhood yappy dogs and noisy teenagers.

Pollyanna is all about the learnin’

Lyda here.

Today is Summer Learning Day.

And as y’all know, the Pollyannas are all about the learnin’.

This Pollyanna has learned a lot of important lessons in the summer. In the summers in my teenage years I learned:

  • My father was always right.
  • My mother was always wrong.
  • Sunscreen is important if I don’t want to be fuchsia.
  • Aloe helps when I forget that first one.
  • Swimming in the ocean with an ear infection is not a good idea. (I learned this one at least once every summer.)
  • Boys really are after just one thing.
  • Isn’t it grand?

In the summers in my twenties, I learned:

  • My father was right about most things.
  • My mother was right about a few things.
  • Boys still want just one thing.
  • And so do men old enough to be my father.
  • It’s even more fun when you both know what you’re doing.
  • But not with men old enough to be my father, who should know better even if I don’t.

In the summers in my thirties, I learned:

  • I miss my mom and dad even more now that I’m a mom.
  • Being a mom means I get to play like a kid again.
  • Being a single mom takes planning, patience, and a sense of humor. (Although that’s true for all moms, isn’t it?)
  • Most men are still after one thing.
  • But sometimes they will take you to dinner first.

In the summers in my forties, I learned:

  • My mother was right. About almost everything.
  • Moms can play video games, as long as they aren’t better at them than their kid.
  • I will never be better than my kid at any video game. I did beat “Toy Story 2” on his GameBoy though. It was my shining video-game moment. My thumbs have almost recovered.
  • I will never be a cougar. I just can’t. Boys in their twenties will always be boys to me.
  • But men in their thirties are fun.
  • Men still want one thing.
  • But now they expect me to feed them afterwards.

What will I learn this summer, as I begin my fifties? I hope I learn:

  • It doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks about me.
  • Men still want one thing.
  • But they also want more.
  • And they feed me afterwards.

Pollyanna goes back to school

Lyda here. Wow, how can I even post after that explosion of fiber-rific delights that Anna-Liza posted? And yet, here I go with my own news.

I’m going back to school to complete my masters degree!!! I’m so excited!!! You can’t tell by the number of exclamation points at all!!!

I didn’t post about it before, because I was waiting for official confirmation and besides, it was hard to type with all my fingers crossed.

So, in July I’ll be spending a week in school, auditing the lab that ends the first year. This will get me back in the swing of things, I hope. And then I’ll be attending class one weekend a month from October through June 2011, and finishing up with a week-long practicum in August 2011.

And then I will have my masters degree in Spiritual Psychology from University of Santa Monica! What is Spiritual Psychology, you ask? Click this link. This is a unique program – no other school in the world has it.

Yes, this is exciting!!! I love my school, and I love being a student. Yes, I was that geeky kid who liked learning. And yes, I ruined the curve for everyone else. And I still am.

And now, to just put a quick plea out to the Cosmic Innernetting.

I need a new home. Yes, again. Hush. I told y’all my current place was temporary. I’m looking for a place to live that isn’t too far from work (I work in Irvine, California). I’m open to renting a room, sharing an apartment with someone, or being on my own in an inexpensive studio/trailer/garage apartment/whatever. I just need somewhere to hang my hat and store my fabric stash. And I need it pronto!

So if you need a roomie, or know someone who does, let me know…

I promise the Zombie Army will behave themselves…

Pollyanna is Breathless with Anticipation

Anna-Liza here, only restraining myself from doing the happy dance long enough to write this post.

Today I’m going to the Estes Park Wool Market! With Knitting Sprite and most of the (Mostly) Harmless Knitters!!! AND NO KIDS! Boy, that’s a lot of links in one paragraph!!!!!!!!!

Yeah I’m excited! Wouldn’t you be? I know, I know, I go almost every year, but still. I’ve been restraining my fiber shopping for months now, saving up for this. I’m going to the Plain & Fancy booth and dropping most of my savings there, most likely, but maybe not! Maybe I’ll change my mind!

Doubtful, really, as Ken & Grayce Aggen only sell at events like this and through very limited mail order; they don’t sell through shops and don’t have a website. If they did, they’d have to become a bigger operation, and they’re happy with the size they have now. Apparently they pretty much sell all their production this way.

The tough thing will be picking which colorway in which to get enough yarn for a cardigan.

One disappointment – for some reason, Woolly Designs was not given a booth this year, and I was going to help Knitting Sprite pick a handspindle there. Tracy Eichheim makes the loveliest spindles, beautifully balanced, in a range of weights. But he won’t be taking orders again on his website until October! So now the question is, do we wait until they are taking spindle orders again, or does she settle for a lesser spindle?

The weather forecast is gloomy – 43° F and a 90% chance of rain – but I’m so obsessed insane with yarn lust happy that I’m just thinking that will be nice for wool shopping.

I’d promise a post or two and pictures later, but you know how I am. I’ll try not to be so disappointing this year, but no promises. I might be busy knitting.

Pollyanna and the Journey

Lyda here. My beautiful and wise friend Irish Beauty sent me this.

From Women, Food and God by Geneen Roth:

The third journey–the Journey in God–is the same in both the Sufi tradition and the path-of-food version: In this journey, you end the search for more and better… you slowly realize that you are already whole and that there is no test to pass, no race to finish: even pain becomes another doorway, another chance to recognize where love appears to be absent.*

The real holiness is not in what you achieve or eat or weigh. And… you will discover that God has been here all along. In the sorrow of every ending, in the rapture of every beginning. In the noise and in the stillness, in the upheavals and in the rafts of peace. In each moment of kindness you lavish upon your breaking heart or the size of your thighs, with each breath you take–God has been here. She is you.

Excerpts from pages 198-201

* Note that love only “appears to be” absent.

Somehow she always knows exactly what to send me and exactly when to send it.

Today, as I apply ice to a few bruised and battered parts of my body, I am thinking “even pain is another doorway.”