Pollyanna Has Some Fun Musical Flashbacks – with Potential Demons!

Hey, Anna-Liza here. The Memorial Day weekend was so full of blog-worthiness that I’m going to have to break things up into at least three posts. Here’s one of them.

Saturday night was date night for Darlin’ K and me, and boy were we happy about it! The kidlets spent the night with friends, so we didn’t even have to worry about getting home in time to take the sitter home or anything! 

The event was at the Oriental Theater in Denver, in the neighborhood where Posh used to be (sniff), and it was called “Demons in the Sky!” It was billed as Kabuki-style theater with aerialists and heavy metal, which was a fairly accurate way to describe it. There were three (3) opening acts. Pretty good stuff for a ten-buck ticket. I have to say right here I was expecting to enjoy myself, but didn’t have very high expectations for the quality of the show.

One thing about having low expectations, you nearly always get pleasantly surprised. (How do you think I manage to have a mostly positive attitude? I expect so very little from my fellow humans that they frequently delight me with decent behavior).

The first act was called Wiretrap, and I had pretty much zero expectations for them. I’d never heard of these two guys, one of whom acted like he was playing a keyboard, but I think he wasn’t actually doing anything except dancing around looking intensely at his hands. The other one came out wearing stick-on horns and strips of electrical tape on his face, grabbed the mic and said “My name is Satan … ” to which my immediate reaction was “Oh, how cute.”

I’m sure that’s just what they were aiming for.

I expected angry twentysomething industrial thrash with a lot of “Fuck this shit!” being screamed into the mic amidst otherwise unintelligible lyrics. And that’s pretty much what it was. But … it was GOOD!

It was all seriously danceable, and there was this melodic Gary Numan-esque 80s flavor to it that gave it a nice twist. And “Satan” had a sense of humor. The intro continued ” … and this here is Wes …”  Satan and Wes. Well, it’s funny to me. And by the way, “Satan” is not what he really calls himself.

The next act I had heard of and good stuff, too – Little Fyodor and Babushka. I was happy to have the chance to find out if they were as good as their rep. Again, pleasant surprise – they were! Totally fun band with a stellar cover of “These Boots Were Made for Walkin'” and some of the best classic punk I’ve heard since 1979. How can you not love a band whose new CD is called Peace Is Boring?

Next up was itchy-O. Marching band mariachi ninjas with a Chinese lion. Need I say more? They had a relatively short set, and they were … perfect. And the lead guy in the two-person lion suit stopped as they danced through the audience, sat down in the chair next to mine and said “Hey, how’re you doin’? Come here often? Oops, gotta go!” Most charming.

And finally we came to the headliner – OFM’s “Demons in the Sky”. I have to say I didn’t really buy into or care about the plot – and I think Darlin’ K liked it even less. However, I really liked the concept and thought they pulled off some really good moments on what I have to assume was a miniscule budget. But you know what? I can’t do a serious and just review without making this an ungodly long post, so I’m afraid you’ll have to wait for the demons.

Sorry. Hope I haven’t dashed your expectations.


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