Pollyanna and the Random Weirdness of Blogs

Lyda here. Wednesday, and way past time for another Random Weirdness post.

I realized that I haven’t done one of these about blogs. So here we go:

The Random Weirdness of Blogs

1.) On a blog, you can win cool and weird stuff!

Cool stuff for quilters:  go to Amy’s Creative Side to try to win a Go! Cutter. But you can’t because I’m going to win it.

Cool stuff for fabric lovers:  go to Jane’s Fabrics and Quilts and enter her week-long giveaway this week.

Cool stuff for everyone:  go to Lavender Ridge to sign up to win a $50 gift certificate from CSN Stores.

2.) On a blog, you can get away with weird and cheesy jokes.

Such as: My bucket list will pail in comparison from “Say cheese? A blog of sorts”. See what I did there? Cheesy jokes, blog with “cheese” in the title.

3.) On a blog, you can indulge your weird obsessions – like my obsessions with cleaning, zombies, and cake – and maybe even find some new ones. Like blogging.

4.) On a blog, you can rant about weird stuff all you want, and no one can interrupt you. Although you may have to turn your comments off if you don’t want to read other people’s rants.

5.) On a blog, you can find links to other blogs, and then other blogs, and then still more… until you are in truly weird territory that you might not have found otherwise. (See, basically, all my Random Weirdness posts to see this principle in action.)

6.) On a blog, you can find new weird sayings that will become your favorites, and confuse everyone in your non-virtual life.

Like my discovery today of “happier than a bird with a french fry.”

And of course, “pig-licking” which is a favorite of both Pollyannas. AntiM aka Marin  started “lick the pig” over three years ago. Aren’t we all grateful that she continues the tradition and also that she let’s us play along?

Yes. Yes we are.

7.) On a blog, you can share weird things that your readers might never have found on their own.

8.) On a blog, you can create or contribute to new and weird fads that will become your own weird traditions.

Like Peeps Dioramas. Even Peeps Diorama Parties. Just in case you now need Peeps immediately, here’s the official site.

9.) With blogs, you can make new and weird friends. You know who you are.

10.) On a blog, you can be your truly weird self.

And I thank you for letting me.


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