Pollyanna is Breathless with Anticipation

Anna-Liza here, only restraining myself from doing the happy dance long enough to write this post.

Today I’m going to the Estes Park Wool Market! With Knitting Sprite and most of the (Mostly) Harmless Knitters!!! AND NO KIDS! Boy, that’s a lot of links in one paragraph!!!!!!!!!

Yeah I’m excited! Wouldn’t you be? I know, I know, I go almost every year, but still. I’ve been restraining my fiber shopping for months now, saving up for this. I’m going to the Plain & Fancy booth and dropping most of my savings there, most likely, but maybe not! Maybe I’ll change my mind!

Doubtful, really, as Ken & Grayce Aggen only sell at events like this and through very limited mail order; they don’t sell through shops and don’t have a website. If they did, they’d have to become a bigger operation, and they’re happy with the size they have now. Apparently they pretty much sell all their production this way.

The tough thing will be picking which colorway in which to get enough yarn for a cardigan.

One disappointment – for some reason, Woolly Designs was not given a booth this year, and I was going to help Knitting Sprite pick a handspindle there. Tracy Eichheim makes the loveliest spindles, beautifully balanced, in a range of weights. But he won’t be taking orders again on his website until October! So now the question is, do we wait until they are taking spindle orders again, or does she settle for a lesser spindle?

The weather forecast is gloomy – 43° F and a 90% chance of rain – but I’m so obsessed insane with yarn lust happy that I’m just thinking that will be nice for wool shopping.

I’d promise a post or two and pictures later, but you know how I am. I’ll try not to be so disappointing this year, but no promises. I might be busy knitting.


2 thoughts on “Pollyanna is Breathless with Anticipation

  1. Sarah

    I love Plain & Fancy! I keep stashing it, just because it’s pretty, lol. This will be the first time in years that I haven’t been able to go on Saturday, but I’m heading up tomorrow so I hope they have some yarn left 😉 And at least the weather is supposed to be a bit better tomorrow.

    Brooks Farm is also calling my name.


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