Pollyanna goes back to school

Lyda here. Wow, how can I even post after that explosion of fiber-rific delights that Anna-Liza posted? And yet, here I go with my own news.

I’m going back to school to complete my masters degree!!! I’m so excited!!! You can’t tell by the number of exclamation points at all!!!

I didn’t post about it before, because I was waiting for official confirmation and besides, it was hard to type with all my fingers crossed.

So, in July I’ll be spending a week in school, auditing the lab that ends the first year. This will get me back in the swing of things, I hope. And then I’ll be attending class one weekend a month from October through June 2011, and finishing up with a week-long practicum in August 2011.

And then I will have my masters degree in Spiritual Psychology from University of Santa Monica! What is Spiritual Psychology, you ask? Click this link. This is a unique program – no other school in the world has it.

Yes, this is exciting!!! I love my school, and I love being a student. Yes, I was that geeky kid who liked learning. And yes, I ruined the curve for everyone else. And I still am.

And now, to just put a quick plea out to the Cosmic Innernetting.

I need a new home. Yes, again. Hush. I told y’all my current place was temporary. I’m looking for a place to live that isn’t too far from work (I work in Irvine, California). I’m open to renting a room, sharing an apartment with someone, or being on my own in an inexpensive studio/trailer/garage apartment/whatever. I just need somewhere to hang my hat and store my fabric stash. And I need it pronto!

So if you need a roomie, or know someone who does, let me know…

I promise the Zombie Army will behave themselves…


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