Pollyanna is all about the learnin’

Lyda here.

Today is Summer Learning Day.

And as y’all know, the Pollyannas are all about the learnin’.

This Pollyanna has learned a lot of important lessons in the summer. In the summers in my teenage years I learned:

  • My father was always right.
  • My mother was always wrong.
  • Sunscreen is important if I don’t want to be fuchsia.
  • Aloe helps when I forget that first one.
  • Swimming in the ocean with an ear infection is not a good idea. (I learned this one at least once every summer.)
  • Boys really are after just one thing.
  • Isn’t it grand?

In the summers in my twenties, I learned:

  • My father was right about most things.
  • My mother was right about a few things.
  • Boys still want just one thing.
  • And so do men old enough to be my father.
  • It’s even more fun when you both know what you’re doing.
  • But not with men old enough to be my father, who should know better even if I don’t.

In the summers in my thirties, I learned:

  • I miss my mom and dad even more now that I’m a mom.
  • Being a mom means I get to play like a kid again.
  • Being a single mom takes planning, patience, and a sense of humor. (Although that’s true for all moms, isn’t it?)
  • Most men are still after one thing.
  • But sometimes they will take you to dinner first.

In the summers in my forties, I learned:

  • My mother was right. About almost everything.
  • Moms can play video games, as long as they aren’t better at them than their kid.
  • I will never be better than my kid at any video game. I did beat “Toy Story 2” on his GameBoy though. It was my shining video-game moment. My thumbs have almost recovered.
  • I will never be a cougar. I just can’t. Boys in their twenties will always be boys to me.
  • But men in their thirties are fun.
  • Men still want one thing.
  • But now they expect me to feed them afterwards.

What will I learn this summer, as I begin my fifties? I hope I learn:

  • It doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks about me.
  • Men still want one thing.
  • But they also want more.
  • And they feed me afterwards.

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