Pollyanna: Have Fabric, Will Travel

Lyda here. Just a quick post to explain why I haven’t posted. (If that makes any sense…)

I’m getting down to the wire on my moving day, and I don’t actually have a place to move into yet. Sing along y’all: “Procrastination… Procrastinaaaa-tion… is making me wait… “

I have some leads, but I haven’t committed myself to any of them yet. Need to do that. Also need to pack, but that’s a whole ‘nother Oprah…

I’ve been considering posting this on Craig’s List:

Crazy woman looking for amazing accomodations for almost no money so I can spend almost half my salary on tuition for a year. Terrible credit, serious and possibly contagious addictions to TV and books, growing yarn obsession. Need large closet to house huge fabric collection. Sporadic bursts of quilting and spontaneous pig-licking  may occur, but seldom dangerous to bystanders. Prefer accomodations with basement or shed for housing Zombie Army.  Promise they will keep moaning to minimum during day; at night they are out roaming streets so no worries there, plus they will eliminate any neighborhood yappy dogs and noisy teenagers.


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