Pollyanna is moving on

Lyda here.  I found a new home! I will be moving in on Saturday.

I’m renting a SMALL room in an older home. But it has a good-sized window that looks out on the 4-foot square lawn and the tree. I’ll be sharing a bathroom with two other tenants – wish me luck. But I can use the kitchen and living room too.

The best parts are:

  • It’s close to where my son the Sith Master lives, so I will probably see him more often.  Happy dance!
  • It’s only two miles from work, which will save me a lot of money on gasoline, and about an hour a day in drive time.  Time which will be put to use on blogging and getting some use out of my sewing machine  doing homework, yeah.
  • The rent is very cheap for the area.
  • I will have cable in my room for my television viewing pleasure.

And now, I really need to go pack. Not like I left it to the last minute or anything. Oh hush.

And figure out where I am going to stash all my fabric in this tiny room. The Sith Master actually said that I might have to let go of some of the fabric. I thought I’d raised him better than that!

Ain’t student life grand?!


4 thoughts on “Pollyanna is moving on

  1. lyda Post author

    Yeah, the Sith Master needs to remember the equation:

    Importance of Mom’s fabric stash = Importance of Sith Master’s video games

  2. Anna-Liza

    A shelf about 18″ deep set about 18″ from the ceiling, completely circling your room, will hold a lot of smallish clear plastic boxes. !2″ deep will hold a lot, too, and might be more practical for books. An over-the-door towel rack will hold folded fabric.


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