Pollyanna’s Time Flies

Hey y’all, Anna-Liza here. Same ol’ same ol’ – life is busy, but the interesting bits keep happening when the non-interesting stuff keeps me away from the computer. At least, my computer time is taken up with the not-for-fun stuff.

Let’s see, you’ve sort of caught up with Lyda. Since she currently has no phone (can anyone say “scared of commitment”? To a phone plan, I mean), email and the rare blog post are our main form of communication, which means I’m only a bit ahead of you.

C’mon girl, it’s a phone, feeding it means plugging it into the wall for a couple hours. And there are no litterboxes involved.

Sorry, I digress. Lyda’s such a bad influence on me. Or me on her. I don’t know, we’ve been influencing each other for … um … about 30 years now. Hmmm, can that be right? (think think think). Yep, I was 18 when we met, and I just turned 48, so sometime in September will be 30 years.

Wow. We should do something to celebrate, but I can’t think of what just now. Weekend in Hawaii? Simultaneous massages by identical twins? We’ll think of something.

Okay, so back to me. Because half this blog is all about me, right? I think I last blogged on the 4th of July, of which day the main feature was that I have learned my lesson about going to watch fireworks in the rain in a minivan with four overexcited kids. And four increasingly annoyed adults. None of whom can get out of the car for about an hour and a half because it’s raining so hard.

Yep. Not doing that again. I love fireworks, but not that much.

Oh, and just for the record? I don’t drive a minivan. That belonged to our friends, as did two of the overexcited kids.

Okay, let’s see, I mentioned turning 48. That happened July 12th and it’s about time. I’ve been saying I’m 48 for probably 6 months now. Don’t know why, but the age of “47” just never registered – in my head I skipped that year completely.

Darlin’ K gave me a lovely pair of earrings he bought when he was on a trip to Santa Fe and Zombie Son and Knitting Sprite took me out for dinner in Boulder, at the Moongate Asian Bistro. We had a great time and Wee Sprite gummed her first cucumber slices. I had something that involved shrimp and ginger and bok choy, and it was delicious. And hazelnut-cappuccino torte for dessert – not exactly traditional Asian fare, but hey. It was my birthday.

Then there was ArtWalk in Longmont, which I always enjoy. The kidlets had a lot of fun “sword fighting” at the Renaissance Adventures booth, where I saw the cutest redheaded toddler swiping away at people with a huge foam axe.

Reincarnation of Red Sonja, doncha think? Oh, and that’s Mr. B in the background with the purple foam sword. And to be sure not to leave out Mr. R, here he is with a red foam sword:

And Outlaw Son’s dad came to town, and we all went up to the cabin for an afternoon of just hanging out. Bonus pic with Wee Sprite:

You can tell be her expression that she’s plotting mischief. Good thing she’s not so mobile yet.

I’ve been a little skimpy on the knitting lately, a regular feature of summer for me, although I’m still slowly working away on the shawl for Grandma-in-law and a second sock. Turned the heel, about to pick up for the gusset. This sock is actually a star. You’ll see it in a slightly less finished state in the Fall Interweave Knits – which, if you subscribe, you already have. The sock is used to demonstrate a featured product on page 12.

Pattern? I don’t need no stinkin’ pattern. It’s not Jaywalker, it’s just a basic chevron stitch. You do two side-by-side opposite leaning decreases instead of one double decrease – that’s probably the main difference. I use 5 stitches between the increases and decreases, since I have narrow feet. Other than that, it’s pretty much like this one here.

Oh, and speaking of knitting, I’ve been hearing the siren call of other crafts, mixed-media art and leatherwork, in particular. And guess what? I was browsing through a thrift store that was about to go out of business, so everything was 70% off, when I found a bag full of leather tools and scrap leather. Snagged it for $10.50.

Heh. Anna-Liza doing leatherwork. Where’s Marin when I need her?


3 thoughts on “Pollyanna’s Time Flies

  1. Marin

    Fear not, fair maiden (OK, matron)! I am here! Giggling pruriently and asking you to please say “leather tools” again.


  2. lyda

    Hmm… what sort of leather goods will she make? The mind spins at the possibilities.. wink wink nudge nudge.

    30 years!?!!!?????!!!!! Holy Time Machine, Batman, that’s crazy talk! We do really need to do something awesome.

    And yes, we are both bad influences on each other. Thank cats. I would have become an unimaginably dull old woman without you, BFF. With you, I’ll be a wickedly wild and cool old woman.

    And I got a phone this week. So there. Scared of commitment, huh! (It is a pay as you go, month to month thing. Heh.) Emailing you the number now…


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