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Soon-to-be Flaming Pollyanna

Hey, Anna-Liza here, taking a moment out of preparations for Burning Man.

Yep, finally going back after six years away. Going with Darlin’ K and the kids, camping with Kidsville, most likely going to be working on the Black Rock Beacon, the daily paper. We’ll be going with my South African Knitting Buddy, her husband and two little girls. They’re bringing a full size Sioux-style teepee, so if you’re on the playa and want to find us in Kidville, our camp will be easy to spot.

SAKB needs a better nickname, no? She’s smart, a talented knitter, baker, and inventive home-schooling mom, a curvy redhead, politically active, rarely loses her cool, and can feed and supply a small army on a budget tighter than Antonin Scalia’s asshole. She’s also very … unconventional. So “Domestic Goddess” doesn’t really cover it. Suggestions are welcome.

The weather reports from Black Rock City have been scorching and dusty, but it seems to be cooler now. There will be at least one knitters’ gathering, and hopefully I’ll get to meet some Ravelers in the “Burning Sticks & Hooks” group.

Darlin’ K will be part of the Colorado tribe in the Fire Conclave, firespinning at the feet of the Man the night of the burn. In the meantime, tonight he’s producing and performing in the fire show at Longmont’s Festival on Main. Aerial dancers will have several sets starting at 6, with their last set at 7:45, and the fire will start at 8, running continuously until 9 or thereabouts, with a street dance as a part of the fun. Come on up if you like to have fun! The music headliner is Firefall, with Acoustic Eidolon opening, on the main music stage.

And then we finish the last bits of packing, sleep if we can, get up and load the car, and head for the playa! (Okay, Salt Lake City our first day. But then the playa).

See you in the dust.

Pollyanna Goes to the Fair

Hi, Anna-Liza here. ‘Sup babettes?

Last year, my Australian knitting buddy (AKB, not to be confused with SAKB, my South African knitting buddy) went to the Boulder County Fair, and was disappointed with how few entries there were in the knitting category. She started an understated campaign to get more people to enter. And she succeeded. Four of us in our knitting group entered stuff in the 2010 BoCo Fair. For future reference, we call our knitting group the (Mostly) Harmless Knitters, or MHKs for short.

All of us won something.

  • CKB (Canadian knitting buddy – I’m going to have to come up with better nicknames) won a 3rd place ribbon in items taking more than 45 hours to knit and a 2nd place ribbon in lace knitting
  • AKB won 3rd place in items taking more than 45 hours to knit
  • SAKB won 2nd place in hats, 1st place in items taking more than 45 hours to knit, and also was awarded the Champion ribbon in knitting. (She also won a 1st and 2nd place ribbon and the Championship in baking. She wins the Domestic Goddess award in the (M)HKs).
  • I won 2nd place in lace knitting and both 3rd and 1st place in shaped knitting. That last category included socks and a sweater, so I guess “shaped knitting” is a reasonable title.

 (Mostly) Harmless Knitters RULE! I don’t have pics of all the entries, but I have mine …

Eris pullover*, 3rd place shaped knitting (and CKB’s 2nd place lace scarf);

Traveling Woman shawl, 2nd place lace knitting;


Pomatomus socks, 1st place shaped knitting.

Now, we’ll just have to see what we can do next year!

*Apparently Jenna’s site has been having problems, and her patterns aren’t back up yet – that’s where I got Eris, and she’s also the designer of the famous Rogue hoodie. Anyway, I’m leaving the link so, when she’s got her pattern sale page back up, you’ll be able to find it easily.

The Perils of Pollyanna

Lyda here. So much craziness goin’ on!

On the work front. Oh, y’all really do not want to hear about that!

On the home front. Still looking for a different room to rent, and meanwhile trying to avoid the bugs and random people wandering around the place.

In my own mind. Ah, the craziest place of all!

And I still have homework to do & turn in before Sept. 1.

Without the cosmic innernetting at home, I have little time to write.

But I want y’all to know that I’m thinking of you.

And so is the Zombie Army.

Back, zombies, back! We don’t eat our loyal readers’ brains!

Pollyanna Returns!

Lyda here.

Y’all missed me, didn’t ya? Although Anna-Liza is at least digressing in her posts, and posting pics of adorable kidlets, which I hope eased your pain a bit.

Quick updates for now. More later, I promise.

Back from school, freshly full of excitement and scholarly wisdom and joy. I just love my school.

Did you know that “passion” actually comes from the word for “suffering”? And “compassion” means to be with someone who is suffering. Instead of using “passion” to say we care about something a lot, my teachers recommend “enthusiasm”. As in:  I am enthusiastic about my second year of school!

But I digress…

Heh. Told y’all I’m back.

I met some terrific classmates, including one who generously opened her home to me and let me stay with her for most of the week. Which means I got a lot more sleep (and it was much safer) than I would have if I’d driven from home each day, and I didn’t have to check into a motel (so it saved me money for tuition).

She had a spare room with a bathroom right next to it – it was perfect. And second only to her warm and friendly company, her home was sparkling clean. I mean sparkling. I loved it so much that I actually took a bath. Which is the first bath I have taken in probably ten years. Y’all know it’s sparkling clean when I think it’s sparkling clean.

I decided after I got home that I’m moving. I want sparkling clean in my own home, and I’m willing to move to get it.

And I got a phone this week, so hopefully I’ll be talking with Anna-Liza for hours soon.

And I missed you all during this hiatus, and I’m excited to catch up on your blogs. Which will probably take about a million years at this point.

Internet connection. Next place must have internet connection.

Got to go.

I’ll be back…

Pollyanna’s Sleepless in Colorado

 Hey, Anna-Liza here.

I’m going against all rules of writing here and completely ruining the suspense. Darlin’ K and all other people involved in this story are absolutely okay, with the exception of me being pretty sleep-deprived due to my unruly brain refusing to let me sleep without rehearsing all the really bad ways this could have played out, in spite of the fact that it’s really mostly okay, except for The Brave Little Honda.

Let me ‘splain.

Darlin’ K was on his way to a gig down near Woodland Park during Friday rush hour. (And again, everyone’s fine).

When traffic rather quickly slowed and stopped, Darlin’ K slowed and stopped, too. Not so the pickup right behind Darlin’ K. Hence the Brave Little Honda’s entire front end shoved under the other pickup, the one in front of him.

Sorry about the quality – the camera in Darlin’ K’s phone is, to use the word I’ve used before, execrable. I have the exact same phone, and the camera in mine is possibly worse. But there you have it.

You can’t tell from the photos, but the rear tire of the pickup is not touching the ground. The back end of the Honda is smooshed more than you can tell from the photos, and the whole thing got bent slightly “C” fashion, so the passenger door no longer functions and, in fact, overlaps the doorframe by a few inches. Whoever designed this car knew what they were doing, though, because the passenger compartment stayed intact.

And my darling Darlin’ K was not seriously hurt. We’ll have to see what the chiropracter has to say about his spine, but he wasn’t killed instantly nor did he sustain life-threatening injuries, broken bones, nor head injury. And I have been saying prayers of gratitude for that every day, several times a day, since his phone call.

That said, I am mourning The Brave Little Honda, which was one of the best cars I’ve ever had (and that’s saying something – I’ve been blessed with some really great cars). It was old, it had over 220,000 miles on it, and it still ran like a charm. It still got around 35 mpg. It was even more fun to drive than my first car love, my long-lost 1967 Cougar XR7 GT.

I loved that car and I am seriously pissed that it died before its time. Darlin’ K and I were happily looking forward to celebrating the odometer’s acheivement of 300,000 miles at some point in the future.

But when all’s said and done, The Brave Little Honda died an honorable, if tragic, death, and can be replaced. Completely irreplaceable Darlin’ K is safe (I keep repeating that for my own sake as much as anyone’s), and I will be sleeping just fine once he’s home. (Hard core is my Darlin’ K. He got up at 5 the next morning so he could still make his gig. He’ll be back tonight).

So really? Gratitude.