Soon-to-be Flaming Pollyanna

Hey, Anna-Liza here, taking a moment out of preparations for Burning Man.

Yep, finally going back after six years away. Going with Darlin’ K and the kids, camping with Kidsville, most likely going to be working on the Black Rock Beacon, the daily paper. We’ll be going with my South African Knitting Buddy, her husband and two little girls. They’re bringing a full size Sioux-style teepee, so if you’re on the playa and want to find us in Kidville, our camp will be easy to spot.

SAKB needs a better nickname, no? She’s smart, a talented knitter, baker, and inventive home-schooling mom, a curvy redhead, politically active, rarely loses her cool, and can feed and supply a small army on a budget tighter than Antonin Scalia’s asshole. She’s also very … unconventional. So “Domestic Goddess” doesn’t really cover it. Suggestions are welcome.

The weather reports from Black Rock City have been scorching and dusty, but it seems to be cooler now. There will be at least one knitters’ gathering, and hopefully I’ll get to meet some Ravelers in the “Burning Sticks & Hooks” group.

Darlin’ K will be part of the Colorado tribe in the Fire Conclave, firespinning at the feet of the Man the night of the burn. In the meantime, tonight he’s producing and performing in the fire show at Longmont’s Festival on Main. Aerial dancers will have several sets starting at 6, with their last set at 7:45, and the fire will start at 8, running continuously until 9 or thereabouts, with a street dance as a part of the fun. Come on up if you like to have fun! The music headliner is Firefall, with Acoustic Eidolon opening, on the main music stage.

And then we finish the last bits of packing, sleep if we can, get up and load the car, and head for the playa! (Okay, Salt Lake City our first day. But then the playa).

See you in the dust.


2 thoughts on “Soon-to-be Flaming Pollyanna

  1. Marin

    How ’bout Modjadji?

    “Modjadji became the most powerful rainmaker in Southern Africa. Even the mighty Zulus feared and respected her, and gave her the name Mabelemane (“four breasts”). They were certain that the fertility and richness which she brought to the earth would be mirrored in her own body.”

    You could call her Moja for short – kinda like “mojo,” only more femme.


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