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Pollyanna Meanders Along

Lyda here.

Meandering along… a bit like a turtle. But more like a zombie, really.

Speaking of which, did you hear the one about the guy who shot at the cop because he thought it was a zombie?

Maybe Longmont has something there. They do say the Law never sleeps. I just don’t remember anyone mentioning that the Law wants brains…

“Zombie Cop – The Musical!”

Hey, weirder things have been seen.

Just not by reliable witnesses.

Two, three, four… And then there was the time…

But I digress…

Read this post, and then let me know which songs have been turned to rust for you by ended relationships. Or bad productionsOh, self-referencing. I hope y’all will forgive me.

For me, there are so many. Sadly, Layla is among them. Beautiful song, love Eric Clapton, but for years it reminded me too much of one of my particularly icky He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named. Thankfully, it’s been long enough that most of the time, I can now enjoy the song and not think of the slime man.

And then go back to They Told Me to Find A Rich Husband and read some more. Good stuff.

Bulletin: We interupt this post to bring you:


I will always cherish this instruction:  Cut fruit into small pieces and soak in the brandy for at least an hour before proceeding.

Now that’s my kind of cooking. I just love soaking in brandy.

And for my final digression of the day…

What would a pig-licking post be without some cuteness?

This cuteness comes by way of the Marvelous in Nature:  Adorable Turtlets!


A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Pollyanna’s

Hey, Anna-Liza here.

Still haven’t finished the Burning Man post(s?) but couldn’t wait to tell you this story.

I usually take the bus to work, and the bus drivers change day to day. Some I see every week, although not always on the same day, some only occasionally. The secret of the driver rotation is well-kept.

Anyway, one afternoon recently, I got on the bus, found a seat, and promptly took out my knitting. There’s this one stop where, if the bus is running ahead of schedule, the drivers will usually park for a few minutes. This happened. Then I saw the driver get out of his seat and I looked up to see what was going on.

He strode purposefully up the aisle … and stopped at my seat. I looked up at him a bit nervously.

He said, “I’ve been trying to see what you’re doing in the mirror this whole way.”

I thought (but did not say), “Well, that explains the more terrifying thrilling aspects of the ride so far.” What I did say was, “I’m knitting.”

He said, “I know, but I saw you had this big circular needle and you were knitting flat, and at first I thought it was a sweater but it doesn’t look like that … so what is it?”

“I’m making slippers.”

“Oh! Are you going to felt them?”

“Yes, I am.”

“I wonder if it’s the same pattern I made a while ago.”

“They’re the French Press Slippers,” and I showed him the pattern.

“Oh,” he said, “those are cute!”

So I told him I found the pattern on Ravelry, and he said he had signed up for it but hadn’t been on in a while, then he went back up to the front of the bus and drove the rest of the route in a rather more sedate fashion than he had the first half.

I usually get off at the last stop before the bus turns around and heads back, so after everyone got off the bus I chatted with him a bit more, he asked again about the slipper pattern, and I showed him my Wavy Lace Wrap, which I had worn that morning but had put into my bag for the warm afternoon. He said he’d knitted a scarf with a similar stitch pattern in alpaca.

I hope I recognize him next time he drives. I’d hate to accidentally snub a fellow knitter. Especially when he’s my ride home.

Pollyanna’s In the Dark – as usual

Lyda here.

Not in the dark right this moment. I’m a good touch typist, but I like to watch. Heh.

We’re having a heat wave here in Orange County. Temperatures over 100 degrees for the last three days. Since I’m a delicate flower of the South, I usually start looking for the air conditioning at about 80.

Last night, I was driving home thinking of the air conditioning waiting for me, and wondering how the Sith Master was doing (his dad’s house does not have AC), and feeling a bit guilty that I would be cooler than my son.

About five minutes after I walked in the door, all the power went out in the whole condo complex.

My roommates went shopping. I stayed home, thinking it would be over quickly.

The power did not come back on until this morning.

No TV. No computer games. No Cosmic Innernetting.

By flashlight, I ate, took a shower, and read in bed. I tried to sleep. I woke up and took a colder shower. I tried to sleep. I stared at the ceiling. I read some more. I contemplated another shower. I decided that any house I buy in the future will have air conditioning. And possibly a generator.

Eventually I must have fallen asleep because I woke up when the fan started – about 7 a.m.

I love electricity.

Pollyanna Jumps on the “slack-off Friday” bandwagon

Lyda here.

Do you know about I hope one of us has mentioned it before. Maybe several times.

Anyway, last Friday, Naomi declared Friday as slack off day. That totally fits how I’m feeling today, that’s for sure. Her post of last Friday includes such gems as a link to the incredible and inspiring post “You Allow The Moment” on Elizabeth Potts Weinstein’s blog about living your truth.

Be sure not to miss the shrimp at the end. Hey, if you are going to jump the shark, do it with a shrimp.

This Friday’s post includes gems as well. Go ahead, check it out. I know y’all are dying to find out why Rob hates Pachelbel. I’m right there with you, Rob. I did sound on a show that used this piece of music, and I came to hate the damn thing. Not the show so much as this particular piece of music.

Hey, Anna-Liza, was that the show we worked together? You know, when we met?


Another song I hate. As does anyone who has sat through 25 terrible renditions of it during auditions. Seriously people, find some new material.

But that link is the excellent rendition by a truly gifted singer from the Broadway cast. Because it is a beautiful song when done well.

But I digress again…

And speaking of material, the Sith Master has requested a new quilt, as his old green one is becoming rather threadbare.

He wants red this time.

And manly.

Do we feel a Lumberjack Quilt coming on?

Heh. Maybe I’ll call it the Lumberjack Quilt while I’m making it. Just to mess with him a bit.

He’s 19 now. This will be the quilt that he has when he graduates college. I am going to be making a quilt for my adult son. That is too weird, for all kinds of reasons.

I’d better look at patterns and fabric this weekend, or the quilt won’t be done before he graduates.

Pollyanna Post of Pig-Lickin’ Possibilities – Now with 60% more CAKE

Lyda here. It’s way past time to lick the pig.

And really, I have to credit Anna-Liza, as most of these came from messages she sent me.

I must be tired. At first I typed “I have to create Anna-Liza…” If she didn’t exist, I would indeed have to create her. Lucky for me, I don’t have to. Lightening storms play havoc with my hair too, Gene.

But I digress…

1.)  Unusual places in USA – check out #8 and google for more pics

2.) “Yarn graffiti” in Austin TX and their own neighborhood

3.) Don’t toss out that old VCR! Find out how to get the goodies inside. And to think, I was going to take my broken machine to be recycled. Note to self: get marshmallows.

4.) Pizza even an art critic would love: Recursive Pizza

5.) Lots of fun or a horrible death? You decide.

Cake or death?

6.) Mmm…. CAKE….

7.) And chocolate… yum…

8.) This is one way to work the chocolate cake off:  Danger-loving Italian fiber… dam it!

9.) And speaking of CAKE and Terry Pratchettwhat? weren’t we?

10.) DA! Russian cakes! I found the last two links here.

And now I seriously need to go in search of cake…

Pollyanna Meets Clifford the Big Red Bag

Hi all, Anna-Liza here. I will, I promise, write about Burning Man, but my recovery time has been longer than expected and I need to take care of a little thing first.

The 2010 issue of Interweave Knits Weekend will be on sale at the end of this month, the preview is up online, and I have two (two!) items of interest in it. The first one is my own personal creation, and the other is a second-generation creation, quite literally.

First, the Lace Beach Bag (the red and tan one), which is part of the Free Bag Patterns download at Knitting Daily.

The yarn is Berroco Mica, colors Cinnabar and Mushroom – cotton, linen, silk, nylon.  Beautiful colors, nice sheen. The nylon tended to snag a bit, but just a bit, not enough to really be a problem. There’s a yarn review here. The reviewer doesn’t mention snagging, so maybe it was just me.

I found that my stitches were well defined and the yarn drapes nicely. It’s a strong yarn, which was one reason I chose it for the bag, but I can totally see it as a lacy summer top. It’s very soft. It’s not at all stretchy, but the stitch I chose for the body of the bag more than makes up for that.

I got my stitches from the Harmony Guides: Knit & Purl book, mainly Fagoted Rib (the main lacy pattern) and Box Stitch (for the solid bands at top and bottom and for the strap). Then there were the 67 inches of I-cord, kindly knit by Knitting Sprite. You know what? I-cord makes excellent conversational knitting. I mean, the kind you can do while having a conversation, not the kind you have a conversation about.

It turned out to be a pretty quick knit, and the stitch patterns were both easily memorized. It would be a good “conversational knitting” project overall, and the construction is really easy. If you decide to knit it, you should keep in mind that it blocks out much bigger than it looks on the needles.

The bag is designed to carry bulky, lightweight stuff. Beach towels, laundry, paper goods, etc. It stretches a lot, and one time when I tried using it for library books, it actually dragged the ground. A shorter strap might be good if that’s what you want to use the bag for. Alternatively, the yarn is strong enough to use with a different stitch pattern to carry heavy stuff, even though it’s so pretty you might not expect it to be.

One detail I’m especially proud of is the interior pouch. It’s big enough to carry a cell phone and keys, and it has a little flap you insert into the pouch to hold stuff in. I thought of it because I just hate losing my small stuff in the bottom of my big bags. Also, the lacy pattern of the main bag would make it easy to get the keys tangled up or even for them to fall out, if you carry just a couple of keys. (I can’t imagine having only two or three keys, but I’m pretty sure someone does).

Overall, I think I am even more satisfied with this pattern than I was with the Casual Flair Cardigan from last year’s issue of Weekend, if that’s really possible. I am pretty darn happy with that one, too, and I’m very proud of the fact that it’s been downloaded more than 11,400 times! Wouldn’t it be something if half of the people who downloaded it actually made it? But, besides me, I’ve only seen one other person list it as a project on Ravelry. I will not-so-modestly point out that she gave the pattern a five-star rating. (Thanks, kandyknit!)

So, what’s the “second-generation creation” in this issue of Weekend? Wee Sprite! Scroll down to the Mariner Pullover. See the cute li’l thang modeling the baby version? Yep, that’s her. There’s another great shot of her in the bonus photos, too. Yes, even the non-knitting grandparents are getting copies of this one. (I already have mine!)

Bonus, the Ravelry page for the Mariner Pullover features a Wee Sprite photo, as well!

This is a really excellent issue, not just for the bag and Wee Sprite. Honestly, I think every knitter except possibly the extremely boring or whoever knits those “only-looks-good-on-stick-insects” patterns will find at least three or four things in here you’ll absolutely want to knit. At least. My count is twelve, nine if you don’t count stuff I want to knit for someone else. And there are even really good man-sweaters! It’s on sale September 28th – be sure to rush right out and get one!

(I believe that last sentence is called “the call to action” in marketing-speak. But just because I work there doesn’t mean I’d tell you to buy everything we produce – and I haven’t, you might notice. I just really, really like this issue).

Pollyanna Blogging Two Days in a Row? Inconceivable!

Lyda here.

Y’all have to check out this post, which includes an awesome clip from Princess Bride.

Although it is inconceivable that there would be a clip from Princess Bride that wasn’t awesome.

I like this one. And this one. And this one

Here’s the t-shirt version.

And of course we cannot forget the sword fight, which is my personal favorite sword fight ever.

Sorry, Darth Maul. And Errol Flynn. And Douglas Fairbanks Sr. And…

But I digress…

If you haven’t seen the movie, go watch it right now!!

If you have seen it, see it again. You know you want to.

Have fun storming the castle!