Pollyanna is Left in the Dust

… as the other Pollyanna is by now at Burning Man. Actually, Anna-Liza is no doubt in the dust as it’s dusty there…

Anyway, one of us is in the dust, and one of us left. Or is left. Or something…

Wow, my digressing is even confusing me now…

Lyda here. I’m carrying the blog torch while Anna-Liza is off playing with fire and sticks and yarn at Burning Man. Although not all at once, I’m sure.

The lack of connection to the cosmic innernetting at my current place has caused my posting to be erratic. As if it wasn’t erratic all ready…

But I got the September blogging theme from NaBloPoMo, and I’m all inspired again. The theme is ART.

So, expect some random weirdness about that. And September. And whatever else I can come up with.

Meanwhile, in other news…

  • I finished and sent off my homework from July – which was due today – and swear that I won’t wait so late next time. I tell y’all this so you can laugh at me later in the year, when I forget this sworn oath.
  • The Sith Master has started a new year at college. Yes, thank you, I do look too young to have a 19-year-old.
  • There may be a weekend trip to Seattle in the near future. In which case I may need tips from y’all on the must-see places.
  • I still haven’t unpacked my fabric, but at least my computer is now set up.
  • I am still contemplating moving from my current less-than-sparkling-clean and less-than-temple-like-quiet place.

Did I mention that the roommates got another dog?

God is laughing at me, isn’t she?


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