Pollyanna Moves Again!

Lyda here. Yes, I moved again. It’s becoming a habit, but not a good one…

Although this was a good move. As moves go. And I wish they’d go away.

I moved back into the Disney House, at the invitation of my friends Disney Guy and Disney Girl, and to the great delight of Disney Dog.

The plan is for me to stay through June of next year, which will get me almost all the way through the school year.

It’s so CLEAN! I have a private bathroom again. And I’ve got the Cosmic Innernetting in my room this time, and soon the cable will be hooked up too. I may never leave my room again. Excellent.

I already unpacked my fabric and yarn. Which take up more than half of the closet. Clothes? I don’t need no stinkin’ clothes.

Yep. The many many boxes of fiber are all unpacked.

So y’all know that I’m serious about staying put for a while.

And y’all can tell I’m tired from packing, moving, and unpacking. Why, I hardly digressed at all in this post…


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