Pollyanna Post of Pig-Lickin’ Possibilities – Now with 60% more CAKE

Lyda here. It’s way past time to lick the pig.

And really, I have to credit Anna-Liza, as most of these came from messages she sent me.

I must be tired. At first I typed “I have to create Anna-Liza…” If she didn’t exist, I would indeed have to create her. Lucky for me, I don’t have to. Lightening storms play havoc with my hair too, Gene.

But I digress…

1.)  Unusual places in USA – check out #8 and google for more pics

2.) “Yarn graffiti” in Austin TX and their own neighborhood

3.) Don’t toss out that old VCR! Find out how to get the goodies inside. And to think, I was going to take my broken machine to be recycled. Note to self: get marshmallows.

4.) Pizza even an art critic would love: Recursive Pizza

5.) Lots of fun or a horrible death? You decide.

Cake or death?

6.) Mmm…. CAKE….

7.) And chocolate… yum…

8.) This is one way to work the chocolate cake off:  Danger-loving Italian fiber… dam it!

9.) And speaking of CAKE and Terry Pratchettwhat? weren’t we?

10.) DA! Russian cakes! I found the last two links here.

And now I seriously need to go in search of cake…


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