Pollyanna Jumps on the “slack-off Friday” bandwagon

Lyda here.

Do you know about ittybiz.com? I hope one of us has mentioned it before. Maybe several times.

Anyway, last Friday, Naomi declared Friday as slack off day. That totally fits how I’m feeling today, that’s for sure. Her post of last Friday includes such gems as a link to the incredible and inspiring post “You Allow The Moment” on Elizabeth Potts Weinstein’s blog about living your truth.

Be sure not to miss the shrimp at the end. Hey, if you are going to jump the shark, do it with a shrimp.

This Friday’s post includes gems as well. Go ahead, check it out. I know y’all are dying to find out why Rob hates Pachelbel. I’m right there with you, Rob. I did sound on a show that used this piece of music, and I came to hate the damn thing. Not the show so much as this particular piece of music.

Hey, Anna-Liza, was that the show we worked together? You know, when we met?


Another song I hate. As does anyone who has sat through 25 terrible renditions of it during auditions. Seriously people, find some new material.

But that link is the excellent rendition by a truly gifted singer from the Broadway cast. Because it is a beautiful song when done well.

But I digress again…

And speaking of material, the Sith Master has requested a new quilt, as his old green one is becoming rather threadbare.

He wants red this time.

And manly.

Do we feel a Lumberjack Quilt coming on?

Heh. Maybe I’ll call it the Lumberjack Quilt while I’m making it. Just to mess with him a bit.

He’s 19 now. This will be the quilt that he has when he graduates college. I am going to be making a quilt for my adult son. That is too weird, for all kinds of reasons.

I’d better look at patterns and fabric this weekend, or the quilt won’t be done before he graduates.


5 thoughts on “Pollyanna Jumps on the “slack-off Friday” bandwagon

  1. Anna-Liza

    Why yes, it was The Shadowbox, wasn’t it? I didn’t burn out on Pachelbel’s Canon, but I don’t love it, either. Neither of us burned out on cute male asses, either – somehow that doesn’t seem possible.

    I do love Naomi. Even if I lollygag in implementing her advice.

  2. KSD

    Oh, well then, here’s another song to get stuck in your head:

    “I’m a lumberjack and I’m OK
    I sleep at night and I work all day. . .”

  3. lyda Post author

    KSD – I told the Sith Master about the quilt, and then we both started singing “I’m a lumberjack and I’m okay…” in your honor. In a diner. On a Sunday morning.

    Anna-Liza – I can see how that would be pretty hard to resist. Wait, men sing to you??

    Yes, The Shadow Box. And our first shared cute-male-ass appreciation moment. Definitely not our last.

    Nope, never get tired of them. Or the other body parts either…

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