Pollyanna’s In the Dark – as usual

Lyda here.

Not in the dark right this moment. I’m a good touch typist, but I like to watch. Heh.

We’re having a heat wave here in Orange County. Temperatures over 100 degrees for the last three days. Since I’m a delicate flower of the South, I usually start looking for the air conditioning at about 80.

Last night, I was driving home thinking of the air conditioning waiting for me, and wondering how the Sith Master was doing (his dad’s house does not have AC), and feeling a bit guilty that I would be cooler than my son.

About five minutes after I walked in the door, all the power went out in the whole condo complex.

My roommates went shopping. I stayed home, thinking it would be over quickly.

The power did not come back on until this morning.

No TV. No computer games. No Cosmic Innernetting.

By flashlight, I ate, took a shower, and read in bed. I tried to sleep. I woke up and took a colder shower. I tried to sleep. I stared at the ceiling. I read some more. I contemplated another shower. I decided that any house I buy in the future will have air conditioning. And possibly a generator.

Eventually I must have fallen asleep because I woke up when the fan started – about 7 a.m.

I love electricity.


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