Pollyanna versus the Zombies of Fashion!

Lyda here.

I thought y’all would enjoy these classy items…

KILLER ZOMBIE SHOES!! To wear with this underwear set, no doubt. For the complete ensemble, doncha know.

Sweet Skull o Mine Platform Heel Boots

But maybe y’all prefer these heels

oh, Marin!

But here is some more tasteful zombie wear. Or should I say “tasty”?


3 thoughts on “Pollyanna versus the Zombies of Fashion!

  1. lyda Post author

    knittingsprite – it’s not too early to start your letter to Santa…

    Marin – Exactly. And you know we’ll want pics of your new fall wardrobe.

    And OMG – The God of Cake! I think I’ve found the man for me!!!


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