Pollyanna Checks In – the wine is for loading only…

Lyda here.

Just a quick check in before I fly off to Seattle tomorrow. I’m only going overnight – an extravagance that I would never indulge in on my own. But Gorgeous and Younger brother insisted that I visit, and since he used his frequent flyer miles for the ticket, I realized – as always when younger brother has his mind set on something – resistance is futile.

The Zombie Army will of course be traveling in the baggage compartment. I hope the baggage handlers are quick on their feet, or there could be unplanned snacks for the horde.

But before I fly, I had to share with you this gem from a work email I just got, saying that a workshop will be great for parents, and I quote:

“and will be a great way to support that new mussel that we are developing.”

I’m glad our baby shellfish will get the support they need.

Just how do you support mussels? Create a “wine sauce free” zone?

Mmm… wine sauce…

Weirdness – It’s the only way to fly!


2 thoughts on “Pollyanna Checks In – the wine is for loading only…

  1. Anna-Liza

    KSD – I’m thinking grey.

    Lyda – Did it take long for you to realize that resistance was futile? ‘Cause, I only slightly know him, and I knew that.


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