Flaming Pollyanna, Coming and Going

Hi folks, Anna-Liza here. I will state right now that Burning Man was beautiful, fun, silly, all the things it just is for me. And Kidsville is an awesome village. We did, however, have some complications getting there.

We planned to leave on Saturday the 28th, and Darlin’ K had a big fire gig on Friday the 27th. The net result was a really good show and Darlin’ K staying up all night packing. 

Adding a very late start, slower than expected driving pace, and a flat tire on the road between Fernley and Gerlach at 4 AM,

we got to the playa with both of us exhausted and later than planned. Never a good idea – at least, arriving exhausted is never a good idea. I don’t know anyone who ever gets there when planned.

The first couple of days were mainly setup days. We got our tent up before it started raining, at least. (It only rained that once, which was plenty. It laid the dust for a while). Our campmates, Moja (formerly known as SAKB – Marin’s suggestion in the comments for a better nickname made excellent sense), and her husband were in the process of erecting their tipi when we arrived, and had that up before the rain, too.

I will just say, the traditional Plains tipi design is about as perfect as you can get. This one used three foundation poles. No rain got inside, it was snug, cool in the hotter part of the day, and held up to the winds really well. Not unexpected, of course, but nice to have the actual experience of it. Did you know that, if tipi poles are made traditionally (and correctly), the raindrops will slide down the poles to their base, rather than dripping into the interior of the tipi? Anyway, I digress …

The trip back was complicated by one of the Subaru’s CV joints breaking down between Salt Lake City and Evanston, WY. We were only about 15 miles out of Evanston, and were caravaning with Moja and family, so it wasn’t as bad as it could have been, but still. Darlin’ K stayed in Evanston to get the car fixed, the kidlets and I rode with Moja. We all had one more night on the road than planned, and the kids and I got home around 10:30 Wednesday morning. Darlin’ K arrived around 7 that night.

BUT, the in-between was great.  

Which I will talk about next time. 😉


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