Pollyanna Procrastinates… As Usual

Lyda here. I should be working on my homework, but I wanted to pop in and say hello. You say “procrastination”, I say “keeping in touch with my virtual friends”. Potato, Potahto.

And I do have a lot to report on. This time: Seattle.

The overnight trip to Seattle was just about the right length of time. A nice chat with my sister on the drive from the airport, then a family lunch at home, a long afternoon of talking to each other, and then out for Chinese food.

Most of the extended Seattle family was there – including two nieces I hadn’t seen since they were toddlers, a nephew I’d never met, the nieces’ two mothers, and the nephew’s mother. Oh, and my oldest brother who lives on an island, my sister, my brother and my brother-in-law (my brother’s husband) – who happen to have the same first name.

Are you confused now? My Gorgeous and Younger brother has three children via sperm donation, all in their teens now. The two girls live with their two mothers (who are married), and take it as normal that they have two fathers (my brother and brother-in-law). 

The nephew has a mother (and two other adult sisters who are not related to me by blood, but why stop adding nieces now?). He has only recently come into my brother’s life, as he wanted to meet his dad when he turned 18. Which is why this is the first time I met my nephew.

Oh, and my two oldest brothers (the one who lives on the island and the one who is a doctor) are technically my half-brothers, as they are the sons of my father and his first wife. And one of my cousins on that side is also their sister by adoption, as my father’s sister died while my cousin was young, and my father’s brother who was raising my half-brothers (their mother having died young also) adopted my cousin, so she is their cousin and their sister.

There. That’s clear, isn’t it? Our family tree is a bit… convoluted. But healthy.

But I digress…

With so many people on Saturday, maybe y’all can understand why I felt the need for a long walk in the rain on Sunday morning. Well, it wasn’t really raining when I left with my brother to walk to the store, but it was misting. I took my camera, and let him go off to the store without me while I took pictures of the neighborhood. By the time I got back to the house, it was really raining, I was soaked (note to self for next time:  take an extra pair of shoes so I’m not squelching in the airport), but I had some awesome shots and I had enjoyed the quiet beauty.

I was in time to say good-bye to my sister who was heading off to catch a plane to Africa. She works for a non-profit and travels to Africa a lot. Younger brother works for a non-profit too, as do I. Another family trend. Then it was time for their weekly Sunday brunch.

The nieces and nephew came, as did various and sundry friends. Apparently, all the regulars had been told that their attendance was mandatory, so I got to met a lot of people. A lot of people. And best of all, one of my dear friends came – he and my brother were best friends growing up, and I just love him. It was so much fun seeing him again after so many years – he hasn’t changed a bit, still funny and charming and wry and a great storyteller. The last time I’d seen him was at my wedding reception so very many years ago.

After the crowd left, another nephew who lives in Seattle came by. This nephew is one of My Brother the Doctor’s sons, and I hadn’t seen him in many years. He is now a nurse, and as always, quite funny and very relaxed. So that was excellent too.

It was more social interaction than I am used to getting in a year, and I was tired and talked-out by the time I got on the plane. But happy I went.

Not that I had much choice. When younger brother sets his mind to it, resistance really is futile.


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