Pollyanna and the Random Weirdness of Artists in the News

Lyda here. A quick Random Weirdness post, and then back to the homework. No, really.

The Random Weirdness of Artists in the News

1.) Is he the perfect man? Artist and nerd Jim Campbell.

2.) Art – adding trippiness to your commute since…

3.) Interactive art. Is anyone else thinking they missed a chance to use this song as the background music? Nope? Just me?

Okay then. Digression over. Moving on…

4.) Freudian Uncanny Art. Hey, the article brought up Freud first.

5.) Artistic AND Energized – and actually quite beautiful.

6.) The Art World Mourns a Great One: Paul the Psychic Octopus Dies at a Ripe Old Age of Two and A Half. Hey, prediction is an art when you do it as gracefully as he did…

7.) Art in Fashion – never let them tell you it’s too late walk the runway.

8.) Art as Fuzzy Political Statement (but mostly just for fun): Yarn Storming. Also known as Graffiti Knitting. Hah! Still a knitblog!

Truth in Blogging: Anna-Liza sent me that link, and we had the following email conversation:

AL: I sort of like the idea of “yarn storming”.

Me: I like “yarn storming” too. A rain of sheep. A hail of hats. A blizzard of scarves…

AL: A rain of sheep might be painful. Just sayin’.

Me: True. Not as bad as a rain of bulls though… I was thinking of tiny knitted sheep, which would be startling but would only hurt if someone left their needles in…

9.) And she responded with this version of a yarn storm. Sometimes kitty dreams do come true…

10.) You see, she and I really like to yak it up.

Lame jokes and yak fiber, what more could you ask for?

“Hey, Fred, could you come over and yak-sit for us tonight?”

“Sorry, I’m already babysitting George’s llamas.”


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