Pollyanna and the Great Fabric Search

Lyda here. Y’all will remember that I have been commissioned to make a manly quilt for the Sith Master.

I’ve found some fabrics, but I need more.

He wants red and manly, so I thought a Lumberjack check. But he vetoed that.

This one is pretty manly. But wait, it might give him bad ideas.

Hmm, this might work. Wait, why are they green? OMG, they must be ZOMBIE horses. Who could sleep with zombie horses running all over them? Next.

Hey, how about a road trip? Nope. I’m already walking around singing “Get your kicks…” and I just looked at it.

Well, this is obviously not it. Imagine trying to explain it to a would-be girlfriend.

This one would not work for the manly quilt, but it might make y’all laugh. Look, it’s June Cleaver and all her friends.

He really couldn’t explain that to a girlfriend.

Wait!! This is PERFECT!!


2 thoughts on “Pollyanna and the Great Fabric Search

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