The Slippers of Pollyanna, They Are Complete

Hi, Anna-Liza here. I finished something! Okay, not the post about DeathGuild and Kidsville, but it will come. And I finished something else, too, (*cough*OrigamiCardi*cough*) but that will be another post.

Cute slippers & a shapely pair of ankles

The pattern is the famous French Press Slippers pattern — famous because of the Harlot Effect from about a year ago. Wow, Stephanie wields so much power, yet remains so humble! I think a few world leaders should definitely take  lessons from her. Okay, more than a few.

Okay, all of them. But, I digress. (See? I’ve been taking lessons, too!)

I got the psychedelic buttons from Hancock Fabrics. The yarn is Lamb’s Pride Worsted in Mulberry, which I bought ages ago at a shop which no longer exists.

You know what? Way, way too much of my stash is from shops which no longer exist. Knit One Purl Too in Longmont, Posh in Denver, Aurora Yarns in, yes, Aurora, and now Woolen Treasures in Loveland … all gone. Okay, topic for yet another post. But, for now, if you have a nice LYS and you’ve been neglecting it, git yer ass in there and buy something. If you own a LYS, go hug a customer … maybe not literally, but, you know, at least smile at them and say thank you. Okay, I’m digressing again.

As it generally does, the Lamb’s Pride felted beautifully, didn’t it? Bit fuzzy, but I don’t mind that. Knitting Sprite and I had a little felting party at her house, and we took the pattern’s suggestion of forming the slippers on our feet. Well, we formed all of them on my feet, as the ones she was working on were a gift for someone about my size. If you haven’t seen us together, Knitting Sprite is a good bit taller than I am and her feet are proportionally larger.

Mmmmm, wet squishy felt on my feet. 

Knitting Sprite’s version was made with Cascade 220, I believe, or a similar yarn. They also felted beautifully, and rather less fuzzily, as well. So if you want a smoother finish, go for a smoother yarn.

I sewed the straps on first, because I was worried about losing them and I hadn’t found buttons yet. In this case, I sewed the wide ends down as soon as I figured out the placement, but sewed the narrow ends very loosely. Later, when I found the buttons I wanted, I snipped the threads at the narrow end and sewed the buttons on the straps, then sewed the narrow ends down more permanently.

Why didn’t I sew the buttons on and the straps down simultaneously? Two layers of thick felt and limited space on the interior of the slipper made that more difficult. Why did I sew down the narrow ends if I was just going to snip the threads later? Partly to avoid getting them damaged from flopping around loose, partly because I wasn’t sure how long it would take me to find buttons, and with the flaps sewn, I could go ahead and wear the slippers if I wanted to.

If I had the buttons already at this stage, I might sew them to the straps first, before sewing the straps on at all, just to cut down on the awkwardness of handling a larger, shaped piece as opposed to a smaller, flat piece while button-sewing.

Um, did that make sense?

The pattern has a nice little detail which makes the upper edge of the heel curl in slightly, so the slipper stays on better. You gather the edge at that spot when you sew the two halves of the upper together, very simple. It really does work. I dislike the feel of slipper heels that slide off with every step, so I like this a lot, and I might incorporate it into future slipper knitting.

Anyway, I’m very, very pleased with these, and they were done just in time. While we still have days in the 60s or even 70s, the nights are cold and it’s so nice to snuggle my feet in these!

Woolly warmth is even better with cuteness.


2 thoughts on “The Slippers of Pollyanna, They Are Complete

  1. GrammieB

    I’ve just been snooping around in the French Press Slippers. I knit maybe every 5 years or so, due to I am a Happy Hooker (traditional Rug hooker) , not sure I have the smarts to start and finish these pretty little slippers. I hope I can do them justice I want to have a beautiful pair like yours. Is there any hints or problems you had you could tell me about? Anyway wish me luck there is a difference in your yarns, I can see that. I like them both.

    1. Anna-Liza Post author

      No hints, really. They are a very easy pattern. The main thing is to check them fairly frequently while felting to make sure they don’t shrink more than you want them to. Good luck!


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