Pollyanna and the Perfect Autumn Day

Anna-Liza here. While autumn officially started over a month ago, it’s only recently that things have felt like autumn here on the Front Range. Nights have been getting colder, dipping below freezing in the wee hours, and warm fuzzy slippers are definitely nice to have in the mornings. The afternoons, though, keep on heading up into the 60s and making us want to wear T-shirts.

Saturday was one of those jewel-like days. We all went for a hike in the foothills west of Boulder. We were on a segment of the Walker Ranch Loop Trail, for those who want to know.

Brothers hitting the trail

 The whole loop is about eight miles, but the segment we were on can be accessed from the Ethel Harrold trailhead and is perhaps a mile and a quarter, one way. Very doable with kids, if you give yourself enough time. It’s even doable with kids and an out-of-shape mom! (Darlin’ K probably thought of this as a “fun-size” hike, sort of like the “fun-size” candy bars).

Shall we play Poohsticks?

South Boulder Creek

One out of three people is afraid of heights ...

 Yeah, that would be me that’s afraid of heights, but this rock “stair” wasn’t really too bad, as long as I didn’t try to rush.

Mr. R conquers a boulder!

Mr. B celebrates hitting the water with a rock

 What is it about little boys and rocks, anyway? If there is a body of water nearby, rocks must be thrown into it. If the rock’s too big to be thrown, it must be climbed.

Boys being boys

 Okay, maybe not just little boys ….

We had a wee picnic by South Boulder Creek, and relaxed a bit before heading back out.

This spot was just made for reading!

This spot was just made for knitting!

 Yeah, that’s another sock.

A father/son moment

Darlin' K in his natural habitat

It was a terrific day. We had a good time, no one got hurt, no one fell in the creek, and the kids hardly argued at all. 

All in all, it was a good day to be outside.


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