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Pollyanna Preps for the New Year

Lyda here.

First, and most belatedly, don’t y’all love the pic that Anna-Liza put at the top of our blog, with fiber o’ plenty? I love it! It even includes one of my quilted creations (the orange and purple striped bag in the middle).  Thanks, BFF!

One-and-a-half, or “Addendum to the fiber-rich first part” – I finally found a striped fabric for the Sith Master’s new quilt. Or two fabrics. Okay, three. Three striped fabrics. Ah ha ha. I don’t even want to talk about what I spent on it. Who needs to eat, anyway?

Now I need to pick a pattern. Since the fabrics are striped, a simple pattern would be best. And the pieces should not be too small, since this needs to be king-sized and I would like to finish it before he’s an octogenarian.

Second, I must show you this sweatshirt that a local museum is selling. I knew there was a reason he’s my favorite founding father. I’m thinking we might know a friend or two or twelve who need one of these.

Thirdly, I want to give you plenty of time to prepare for this day. Anything that references “Blazing Saddles” definitely belongs on our blog.

D) Here’s Mel Brooks as Moses. Just because.

What do y’all think the other 5 commandments were? “Never get involved in a land war in Asia”?

And also and contrarywise: Goodbye, 2010, you beautiful crazy roller coaster of a year.

I’m ready to welcome 2011!

Pollyanna Wishes you a happy ha-ha-holiday

Lyda here.

Do you know about Damn You Autocorrect? I found the link over at Mason-Dixon Knitting.

If you need some cheer today, this site will make you LOL. But with words you don’t want your kids to learn… so read it while they break  play with their new toys.

And if you think you just received the worst gift ever… check this site out.

Pollyanna Plays Around

Lyda here.

I thought I’d post some pics that have been in my camera for a while.




Somehow it tells a story, yes?






A lovely evening shot for Marin.





MacD expands their empire – apparently they do have a flag…

Well, now we have to have more Eddie Izzard, don’t we? Here’s a bit about James Bond… (here he is saluting Sean Connery with some of the same bit)… and here’s a bit on procreation that ends with salmon, poor swimming bastards…

Warning: The Eddie Izzard links may contain language you don’t want your little ones or your boss to hear…

Not that you are reading this at work.

At all.


Well, maybe just a bit…

But I digress…

They never listen to the music, do they?

Choosing a martial art

And of course:  CAKE!! (Here’s the longer version…)


Pollyanna builds an ark

Lyda here.

Well, I’m not actually building an ark, but it seems like an idea whose time has come. Did you hear, it’s raining in Southern California? But I refuse to let it all dampen my spirits.

I’m very happy about this.

And this month, I actually went on a date. That’s right, folks, a genuine bonafide date. Actually, I went on several dates.

Okay, so after consultation with my BFF, the decision was made to turn this particular fish loose. Actually, he was more of an octopus, if you know what I mean. But the fact that it was catch-and-release doesn’t diminish the pleasure of having a cute guy ask me out. Several times.

And hey, I get to check off something from the Half-Bucket List.

Pollyanna and the Still-a-Knitblog Pig-Licking

Anna-Liza here. Hmph. I’ve got lots and lots to blog about, knitting stuff even, and no time to blog! So here’s a bunch of quick stuff, some of which I may elaborate later.

By way of being dessert first, as a reward to our loyal readers (all eight or so of you), here’s a fiber-related rap video.

And … let’s see. I finished my first pair of toe-up socks.

They fit my skinny feet perfectly!

I used Wendy’s Generic Toe-up Sock Pattern with  Judy’s Magic Cast-on and a 4×2 rib, with the short-row heel as described in the pattern. I didn’t change the ribbing pattern at the top, and I cast off super-loosely, so there’s a bit of a ruffled effect. I love these socks. They’re a discontinued colorway in KnitPicks’ sock yarn – I got it on sale ages ago, and the ball bands have disappeared, but I think it may have been Stroll. Did they used to have a different sock yarn?

I’m starting to swatch a cardigan for Darlin’ K, not the Cabled Rib Cardigan, which will most likely be frogged and restarted in a different yarn eventually. This one, I’m thinking of designing myself. But you’ll have to wait – I am in the extremely early throes of this and have no idea what direction I’ll go.

But I will say that Tahki’s Lana 100% organic wool yarn is YUMMY.

I’m also working on a shawl/wrap thingy called “The Pearly Queen’s Plain & Fancy Melody Shawl.” Plain & Fancy is one of my absolute favorite yarns, but it’s a little hard to find. I get it at the Estes Park Wool Market (which is where I got this pattern, too, at their booth). The Pearly Queen, aka Midge Jackson, has a website via Wildflower Fiber, “an alliance of East Texas artisans,” where she sells their yarn and associated patterns. I’m making this in the colorways Black, Purple Mountains, and Dark Magenta.

What else? Wow, in some ways it feels like a lot, but not a lot to say about it. I’m really pushing myself to finish up some projects. I’m deciding what to knit for a friend who’s expecting her first baby in February. I’m feeling the urge to try some more designing, but have too many ideas to settle down to one. I’ve also got a hankering to cast on for a lace shawl – perhaps Aeolian (which Moja is seriously considering – she showed us the pic at knit night and got me dreaming, as well) or Laminaria (which Yarn Harlot recently finished). I’m also thining about the Blue Jeans Lace Leaf shawl.

But man, that Laminaria is really tugging at me.

As a  second dessert, here’s another fiber-funny video, featuring two cats and knitting.