Pollyanna Plays Around

Lyda here.

I thought I’d post some pics that have been in my camera for a while.




Somehow it tells a story, yes?






A lovely evening shot for Marin.





MacD expands their empire – apparently they do have a flag…

Well, now we have to have more Eddie Izzard, don’t we? Here’s a bit about James Bond… (here he is saluting Sean Connery with some of the same bit)… and here’s a bit on procreation that ends with salmon, poor swimming bastards…

Warning: The Eddie Izzard links may contain language you don’t want your little ones or your boss to hear…

Not that you are reading this at work.

At all.


Well, maybe just a bit…

But I digress…

They never listen to the music, do they?

Choosing a martial art

And of course:  CAKE!! (Here’s the longer version…)



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