Pollyanna polishes off a few books

Lyda here.

Thanks to a generous grant (aka an Amazon gift certificate for my birthday – thanks sis! – and an amazing sale) I got myself some quilting books, and I devoured them. I have to keep telling myself, another one is coming…

I got Kaffe Fassett’s “Simple Shapes, Spectacular Quilts” which is absolutely beautiful and inspiring. I had a lot of trouble putting it down for other things (like sleeping) this week. Gorgeous colors, of course, and quilts that look quite complex but are made from basic shapes. I will make some of the patterns at some point, I’m sure, and use others as a jumping off point. And the pictures will be ogled again and again.

One of my favorite parts of the book is that he includes pictures of things that inspire him – tapestries, knitwork, old buildings, the arrangement of spices at an open air market, piles of tires, iron fences. I love that he sees the beauty and geometry in unlikely places, and that it helps him create such amazing things. I’m always taking photographs of odd and weirdly beautiful things, so I was thrilled to see that he does that too.

I also finally got my own copy of “Color from the Heart” by Gai Perry. I have waxed rhapsodic about this book before, so I won’t do it again. I’ll just say that getting this book in the mail was like a long-overdue visit from a fabulous friend.

And I read the whole thing (for the umpteeth time) last night.

I did make a quilt (a wall hanging made with three of the hearts from the quilt on the cover) from this book before, but it is not finished. I love it and it is easily the most beautiful thing I’ve ever made. And I’m still scared to bind the edges and quilt it. I’m afraid I will mess it up.

I’m such a weirdo. Or maybe not. Do y’all do that too? Put something aside when it is almost done, because the finishing might ruin it?

But all is right in the world, because I’m expecting another Kaffe Fassett book soon… Anticipation…

I think I might have a design for the Manly Quilt for the Sith Master (also known as The Lumberjack Quilt and “oh my god what have I got myself into this time?”). I’m going to give it a test run this weekend with some pieces of my fabrics and see how I like it.

See? Still a quilting blog…


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