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Pollyanna Caught in a Whirlwind

It is a popular fact that nine-tenths of the brain is not used and, like most popular facts, it is wrong… It is used. And one of its functions is to make the miraculous seem ordinary and turn the unusual into the usual.
Because if this was not the case, then human beings, faced with the daily wondrousness of everything, would go around wearing big stupid grins, similar to those worn by certain remote tribesmen who occasionally get raided by the authorities and have the contents of their plastic greenhouses very seriously inspected.
  –    Terry Pratchett, “Small Gods”

Lyda here.

I got a spam message in my email with this title: “sked his tall aunt, the Ostrich,”.

I don’t think I know anyone whose aunt is an ostrich.

But that would be an interesting family tree.

Or savannah, as the case may be.

But I digress.

I’m crazy busy with school and homework and school projects (did I mention the projects? HUGE projects, lots of time required) and project team meetings, and work (did I mention my boss is on leave and I’m now half her and half me and wholly crazy?) which is why I haven’t posted lately and I hope you all will forgive me but I have to go now and prepare for two workshops I am facilitating on Monday for work, and also find time to eat and possibly shower.

How are y’all?