Pollyanna thinks Elton John is stalking her

Lyda here.

I woke up to Sir Elton singing, “Candle in the Wind” (the original version to Marilyn).

Okay. A little sad for the first thing in the morning, but okay.

Took a shower, came back into the bedroom. The radio was playing “Piano Man”.

Got dressed, got into car, turned on engine, the radio (set on a different station) was just finishing playing “Honky Cat”.

Then they played “Daniel.”


Nothing against the song, but again, a bit sad for the mood I was in.

Switched stations.

New station was playing “The Bitch is Back.”

Wondering if it was his birthday or something…

Got to work, worked, went to lunch.

When I turned on the car, the radio was playing “Candle in the Wind” – the newer version to Princess Di.


Switched to the oldies station. What were they playing?

“Don’t Go Breakin’ My Heart.”

Swear to God.

After a hard day of work, I got in the car to go home. Just as I merged into the traffic jam we call a freeway, the radio station announced a triple play – three songs by the same artist.

Guess who?




Y’all will understand why I hit “play” on a Beatles CD instead.



Oh hi. I’m back.


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