Pollyanna and the Return of Random Weirdness Wednesday!

Lyda here.

Yes, I’m back, and so is Random Weirdness Wednesday!

Y’all can breathe again.

I finished my finals, attended my last long weekend class, and – this morning, gang – completed my Masters Comprehensive Exam. Assuming I passed that last one, all I have to do is attend the August practicum (which goes on for a week), and then walk across that stage and get my diploma!

I can almost taste the Masters in Spiritual Psychology now.

And it tastes like Panda Express…

Wait, that was my lunch…

But, all that aside, let’s get to the important stuff:  Random Weirdness Wednesday!

1.) This little piggy went to market, and this little piggie got all wrinkly in the pool… Stole this from someone on Facebook, and I would credit them if I had a clue who it was. I also like the name of the page:  “The Body Odd.”

Notice how I got the piggies in early?

I know what y’all like.

b.)  Speaking of piggies, the Orange County Fair opens on July 15th. One of the features of the website is the live Pig Cam.

cucumber.)  One of the features of the actual Fair will be MY photo of tree bark, which will be on display with the other entries in the amateur photography competition.

No foolin’.

I don’t know about y’all, but that seems pretty weird to me.

Next year, maybe I’ll actually enter a quilt.

Or then again, I might enter the table decoration contest. Y’all know I love that one.

duck.) What is the perfect Mother’s Day present?

My son gave it to me this year.

My very own copy of “Shaun of the Dead.”

Who loves his mum?

“You’ve got red on you.”


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