Pollyanna Tries to Catch Up

Lyda here.

So, apparently while I was immersed in school, y’all were living your lives. I’m trying to catch up on your blogs, but I’m not done yet. I am caught up with a few. Still working on the rest.

Laurie went to Florida, where she climbed a lighthouse – as always, Crazy Aunt Purl inspires me to step beyond my comfort zone. She was also amazed that they drive on the beaches there.

When I moved to California, I was amazed that they don’t drive on the beaches here. I was also astounded that 2 feet of sand and 10 feet of sidewalk was called a beach. Also, apparently someone put ice cubes in the Pacific Ocean. I was used to Padre Island National Seashore, where the Gulf waters are sometimes as warm as bath water, and the sand stretches about thirty feet from the ocean to the edge of the dunes. And yes, we drove on the beach.

But I digress.

Marin has been playing with monsters. So. Jealous.

Cassandra is making what seems to me like huge progress by taking small bites. Good reminder to us all.

Well, to me at least. In the past I tended to overschedule my days and nights. I am learning to take small steps instead.

Part of my plan for the next month or so is to clean my space so I can get back to quilting (still a fiber blog!). Wednesday night I cleaned the bathroom (just in time to share it with the foreign exchange students, who arrived late that night to stay for a month at Chez Disney). Tonight I am or may not sort a small pile of school stuff.

Oh, digressing again… Some things never change.

Franklin has of course been knitting up a storm of beautiful lace. And Delores and Harry attended the recent Royal Wedding. Only one of them by invitation.

Over at handeyecrafts, there has been awarding of saints – including the Saint of Pigs, which is too perfect for Marin. And remember, y’all, nominations for this year’s Knitter’s Hunk are coming up. Hey, that counts as more fiber news, right?

My candidates have not won yet. But I’m not bitter… Maybe this year…

Meanwhile, on Facebook, Knitting Sprite posted a link to this article about why Ravelry is better than Facebook . As if y’all didn’t know that already.

Oh, another fiber reference! Sneaky!


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