Pollyanna Ponders the Possibilities

Lyda here.

IMPORTANT NEWS BULLETIN:  Knitter’s Hunk starts on Monday! See that link for details etc. Now spend the weekend deciding which men you want to enter. Hmm, a whole weekend looking at pictures of hunks… How we suffer for our knitting!

And in other breaking news:

Well, we survived Carmagedon and lived to tell the tale. I’m sure there are t-shirts out there somewhere. In fact, if you’ll excuse me for a moment… Yup. T-shirts.

In fact, the main idea on minds of Angelinos seemed to be “How can I profit from the freeway closure?” This is the kind of hard-hitting reporting that I love. I love the “Caltrans Orange” cotton candy too. A whole website was devoted to all the local deals for the closure weekend.

“Patriotism swells in the heart of the American bear.”

Meanwhile, the Sith Master and I amused ourselves with thinking of clips from movies about the non-existent panic. Coming soon to a blog near you… Feel free to contribute in the comments.

And of course, we saw the “Harry Potter” movie.

All I will say for now – in case y’all haven’t seen it yet –  is:  Awesome! It was a great and exciting movie, and a fitting wrap-up for the series. A definite must-see.

This weekend, we’re going to see “Captain America.”


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