Pollyanna Recounts Her Adventures Thus Far

Hi, it’s Anna-Liza. Life hasn’t been dull while I’ve been not-posting. The kidlets have changed schools, Wee Sprite is now two years old and getting more articulate by the second, Knitting Sprite is going to school full time, working part time, and of course being a mom and partner to Outlaw Son.

I have the Dahlia Cardigan on the needles for my mom, who took Knitting Sprite and me on a yarn shopping trip on her last visit and picked out her yarn for it then. The lace panel requires concentration, but I’m on the last chart now. Unfortunately, I’ve gotten distracted by another, secret project with a more immediate deadline, but once I’m done with that one I expect to be back on the Dahlia and to finish it in time for Mama to wear it this fall. As you know, however, I am pretty easily distracted, and I will need a simpler project for conversational knitting until I’m done with the lace. Once that’s done, I think the rest of it will be pretty easy.

For our most recent adventure, Darlin’ K had to have an emergency appendectomy. This is the first time he’s ever been hospitalized or had any kind of surgery. Since our family doctor is in Boulder and we went there first, he was at Boulder Community. Both the kidlets were born there, as was Wee Sprite, and I have always been happy with the care our family has received. This was no exception. We were at our doctor’s office at 11, they sent us to the surgeon’s office, and K was in surgery by 3:30.

Just to keep me from sitting and knitting and worrying in the waiting room, Mr. B also had a doctor’s appointment later that afternoon for possible strep. (Turned out not to be). Everything went pretty well, but K’s appendix had actually ruptured, so he was in the hospital for a few days. One thing we learned was the true awesomeness of our friends. We had a lot of help, mainly with getting the kidlets to and from school and watching them after school. I worked most of the days K was in the hospital so I could stay home with him the first few days, so all the kid help was a really big deal.

Darlin’ K is recovering steadily, although he is, of course, impatient to be feeling normal again. He lost some weight, which he really doesn’t need to do, and he’s still feeling low-energy, but he’s working again and is back to an almost-normal schedule. Keeping him from doing more than he should is the biggest challenge just now.

While all of this has been going on, I’ve been examining my life in the light of my 50th birthday later this year, and have realized I really do need more creative time than I”ve had lately. I would like to relearn sewing and get at least back to my former level of skill, which was probably high intermediate. I’m also interested in trying out some mixed-media art. The problem is that I have too many ideas and too little time! But I’ve been talking to Darlin’ K about it and how to have more time for it. Also, I’ve been really reorganizing my craft area. More than half of it is now in reasonable shape, about a third is a horrible mess. Once I’ve got that last bit under control, I want to rearrange some things so I can get to my frequent-use items more easily.

And I have a new laptop! Now that I don’t need to share K’s computer, I’m hoping to do a little more regular posting here and to maybe, possibly, set up an Etsy shop this year. Got to make some stuff for it first, though!


2 thoughts on “Pollyanna Recounts Her Adventures Thus Far

    1. Nancy G

      You, too, Marin?

      Glad to hear that the family’s health misadventures have turned out okay; a ruptured appendix can be deadly, if not immediately dealt with. Hurray for good surgeons and effective antibiotics!

      P.S. Could you possibly either remove my comment from your last post, or change my name to just Nancy G? I have no idea why I put my entire name, but I would rather it not be there. (Too many hours working on the tax return, perhaps?)


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