Monthly Archives: May 2012

Pollyanna and the Preservation of May

Hi, Anna-Liza here. It always takes me a while to start going to the Farmers’ Market, but I love going. It’s really easy to overbuy and end up not using things, but I’m getting better at not going completely bonkers  buying things I won’t use in time. Not perfect, but better. And I’ve really gotten interested in making my own preserves, jams, etc.

I was really tempted by another 20 pound flat of tomatoes today, but I put it off. This week, I want to use the bag of Vidalia onions I bought a while ago, with the intention of making Onion Jam. Yes, you read right. There are several recipes out there, but the one I’m trying first uses red wine and honey. There are a few others I want to try, some using balsamic vinegar and others using brown sugar, and one that uses red wine, brown sugar, and balsamic vinegar that all sound good. The onions for today’s attempt are simmering in red wine as I type.

But, dreaming of what I’ll do with my future purchases of 20 pound flats of tomatoes, I found this recipe for Tomato Jam. It sounds heavenly, and I’m definitely going for that big flat of tomatoes next time at the Farmers’ Market, mainly to make this jam. Oh, I’ll make other stuff. I have found that I prefer my own salsa to store bought, and also my own spaghetti sauce. I make it in big batches and freeze it, or can it if it’s safe for the boiling water bath canner. So far, everything I’ve tried has been okay for that method. I’ve canned tomatoes, salsa, spaghetti sauce (sans meat), plum butter, rose hip jelly, and various pickles.

But another dream? My own pressure canner. I guess I should borrow one first and make sure I really like canning things, because they are a pretty big investment. I want to try canning salsas and sauces that aren’t necessarily acid enough for the boiling water bath method. Mmmmmm … homemade everything!