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Pollyanna is really sorry, guys!

Lyda here.

Just in case y’all were feeling good about yourselves today… here are 33 animals who are extremely disappointed in you.

And by “you,” I mean me.

Especially #11 and #12.


Pollyanna Really Didn’t Become a Zombie… Much…

Lyda here. Yes, I know, you have completely forgotten about me. Or assumed that I was attacked by zombies and became one. And we all know zombies can’t type.

Nope. I’ve been watching plenty of zombie shows and movies, but no actual attacks. Yet. I keep trying to tell the Disney Dog (who belongs to my roommates) that barking attracts zombies… but it’s good knowing that he will attack them if they get in the condo.

If he wakes up.

But I digress…

I’ve been busy with grad school – I got my masters last August, and I’m finishing my specialty year this August – and with work, where I got a semi-promotion. That’s where they give you lots more work but very little extra money “while we decide how we want to structure the department.” And then they leave you in that nebulous place for many many months…

I haven’t been quilting or knitting lately. I have been painting a lot. Pictures, not walls. A friend taught me to make mandala paintings, and I’ve sort of become obsessed.

Okay, not sort of. Y’all know me. Obsession is what I do.

In other news…

* My son turned 21 this year. His dad took him to Hooters for a beer. I took him to… a movie. Of course.

* Handsome and Available Engineer Brother finished his PhD studies and is moving to New Mexico, where he will be a professor. We may have to call him My Brother the Professor now.

* Anna-Liza is going to be 50. I need to check our Half-Bucket Lists, and see where we both are on them.

I haven’t read anyone’s blog in a coon’s age just how long is that? why a racoon? why not a possom, or a rabbit, or…  

Ah, I miss digressing with y’all.