Pollyanna Plays Around and About and All Over

What do y’all mean, that’s what you heard?

Lyda here. I know I promised fiber-related content, but I can’t resist a Random Weirdness post…

Firstly, about the post title:

1) It’s okay for me to play around, I’m a single and commitment-free Pollyanna;

2) Unfortunately, there hasn’t been any of THAT kind of playing around in a while (a dry spell this long could prove fatal, y’all);

3) If there was some of that kind of playing around, I would not hint about it… I would either tell y’all about it or not mention it at all, depending;

4) So now y’all are wondering if all this is a clever rouse to distract from any playing around I have been doing and on that subject I will say…

No comment;

and 5) I wasn’t talking about that kind of playing around anyway, and y’all should be ashamed.

Actually, I brought it up. I’m the one who should be ashamed. Should I also be ashamed that I’m not ashamed?

But I digress…

What was I talking about? What day is this? Where am I? What planet is this? Ah yes, Earth. “Oh, what a dull name.”

And speaking of cake – and I believe we were…

What? We weren’t talking about cake? Let’s!

What do y’all think about Chocolate Bacon Cupcakes? If you’ve tried them, I’d love to hear what you thought. I found them here: Bacon is the New Black. I love this blog – all baking, all the time! – and plenty of yummy cupcakes to drool over. There is even a Battle for the Cupcakes, which Marin and the Sith Master will like.

I love the rainbow cupcakes – that would work with any light-colored batter and would be fun for a kid’s birthday party. Or just a rainy day. I wonder how it would look with chocolate batter – I’m thinking you might get just a hint of color… Hmmm….

I miss cooking, y’all. I’m a weirdo, I know. But I miss having my own kitchen and cooking meals for my son and for my friends. I miss making a pot roast and then eating it for days in a row. I miss my Famous Mashed Potatoes and my Famous Roast Chicken. I miss making stew on a cool day. When Santa’s sleigh approaches, I miss knowing that I’ll be making a big feast and then eating it for the rest of the week. I would have really missed cooking last Thanksgiving except I was busy having the Worst Cold In The History Of The World.

I really miss baking too. Mixing ingredients together, adding heat, and – science! alchemy! magic! – you get cake.


Right now, I pretty much microwave my food, and occasionally make something on top of the stove. It’s not that I couldn’t cook in the kitchen – I think my roommates trust me enough to let me use the oven, even though I’m not allowed to use the fireplace and I can’t figure out how to open the patio door.

Okay, the door has a very weird locking/opening thingy, and I’m always worried I’ll have to leave it unlocked and the zombies will get in and eat the dog. For which my roommates would never forgive me.

Also, the zombies might disturb the decor at Chez Disney. Zombies are always looking for the perfect Disney memorabilia. Or so I’ve heard.

The fireplace thing is because a previous tenant apparently almost burned the place down. I don’t mind not being able to use it, though, because I spend all my time up in my room, and the fireplace won’t fit up the stairs.

But I digress again…

Two, three, four… and then there was the time…

Y’all know I spend a lot of time watching TV.

I’ve been watching Being Erica, which combines time travel and psychology… it’s hard to explain… just trust me, y’all will relate… and even if not, there is a very cute guy…

And Elementary – modern day Holmes and female Dr. Watson, with a few tweeks. I like it but…

I prefer Sherlock . You may recognize a hobbit in the cast photo…

My favorite new discovery is probably Misfits. British sci-fi comedy with a dark edge and a gritty attitude… plus funny sex scenes. SEX! When they say “adult content” on the official site, they mean it.

I was watching  Terra Nova even after it jumped the shark(here’s the scene that is the origin of that fishy phrase… but I digress even more…) I was attracted to Terra Nova for a lot of reasons:  time travel, sci-fi excitement, interesting promos. Attractive leading man. 

But really, they had me at dinosaurs. DINOSAURS!!

Of course, I’m also eagerly gobbling up this season of The Walking Dead. And also The Talking Dead.



Chores. Work. A life.


I’ll just go and get right on that, shall I?

Just ignore the remote in my lap…

Quick, I’ll distract y’all with this, so you can get next year’s holiday shopping done really early:  the perfect gift guide… if you are seeking revenge, that is!


That’s for the Sith Master. Can anyone name the Simpson’s episode that it’s from?

Be sure to check out this post too.


Ah, how I’ve missed digressing with y’all…


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